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PTI slams police highhandedness

The PTI has taken serious notice of police’s highhandedness of PTI workers in violation of the Supreme Court’s order, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson said on Friday.
On November 12, the Supreme Court had ruled that civil servants were not bound to obey illegal orders of their superiors.
“Civil servants owe their first and foremost allegiance to the law and the constitution. They are not bound to obey orders from superiors which are illegal or not in accordance with accepted practices and rule-based norms,” said Justice Jawwad S Khawaja in his judgement.
“However, certain civil servants have been engaged in lodging false FIRs against PTI leaders and workers. Such acts are being taken to marginalise PTI’s popularity and manipulate the upcoming general elections,” the spokesperson said.
“The PTI has established a monitoring cell which will collect the data of all those civil servants who are following these illegal orders,” the spokesperson added.

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  1. Aurangzeb Mirza said:

    We cöndem the illegal promo against PTI workers shame on U Ganja’s Shareef Criminals and Punjab Govt u r like Gangsters of VassiPur Bihar India We fights against Ur Napolism till last breath PTI Zindabad

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