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National Power generation Plan 2007 fails

The National Power generation Plan 2007 has failed to achieve its set targets of power production through indigenous resources and needs attention of authorities concerned to review it on priority basis.
Well informed source told Online here on Monday that in power generation plan 2007 was developed with the aim to establish a balance between power production and its consumption. It was decided that power production from hydel would be increased and 1,260 megawatt power would be generated from hydel resources in the country but unfortunately power production through hydel sources has not been ensured and different projects under the umbrella of WAPDA have been delayed and not been operationalzed so far.
The source said that Khan Khawar (72MW), Malakand III (81MW), Allai Khawar (130MW), Gomal Zam dam of 17MW and Satpara dam (16MW) are not fully operationalzed so far during current tight energy crises when demand of power production is escalating. 96 MW through Jinnah hydro power has been delayed while Jabban power plant is expected to operational till March next year, source added.
He said that government had planned to produce power for country’s requirement through coal that is another cheap source of power production but contrary to that not even a single megawatt of electricity has been produced so far from coal. Anther two projects of 405 mw and 205 mw power plants from coal were also planned but these plants have not been materialized.
The source apprised that power production plants on Thar coal have not been initiated and not even a single megawatt has been produced from much touted Thar Coal project from last several years. However, the source informed that satisfactory progress have been made in the nuclear power generation where Chashma II nuclear power plant of 325 MW is operating from 2011 and construction work on other projects is continued and it is expected that these projects would be materialized during next two to three years.
This scribe tried to contact Special Secretary Himayatullah to get hi version over the news but he did not responded to the calls and text messages.

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