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Bangladeshi hackers hack PA website, Pakistani hackers hit back

Bangladeshi hackers on Sunday broke the security of Punjab Assembly’s official website and demanded the Pakistani authorities to take action against Shadoow008, who is a Pakistani hacker.
According to details, the hackers have alleged that Shadoow008 was responsible for attacking and defacing some Bangladeshi websites in the past. “Dear site admin, one Pakistani so called hacker Shadow008 is responsible for this defacement. He hacked some Bangladeshi websites,” the hackers wrote on the website.
The hackers also asked the government to file a complaint against Shadoow008 with the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA).
“It was proved earlier that the FIA was unable to arrest this cyber criminal. This criminal was responsible for the defacement of Pressurize your law enforcement agency to arrest this criminal and let us live in peace and also let us leave you in peace,” wrote the Bangladeshi hackers.
In reply the Pakistani hackers wrote after restoring the site, “Shan Ahmed was here …. site restored …. Don’t mess with us Bangladesh…. Admin secure your site…You can get access of it from me on my facebook ID, … Don’t worry you will get it. Just Contact me …. Pakistan Zindabaad”. Earlier, just a few minutes after the Bangladeshi hackers hacked the security of Punjab Assembly’s official website, their Pakistani counterparts restored the site and warned the Bangladeshi hackers to avoid messing with them.

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