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Peshawar officials seize containers of dead chickens

The district administration of Peshawar on Friday seized two containers carrying dead chickens from Chamkani area of the city.
Giving a press briefing to media, Assistant Coordination Officer (ACO) Habib Ullah Arif said that the local administration conducted a raid in Chamkani area of the metropolitan and seized two containers full of dead chickens.
“The containers were transported from Punjab,” he said adding that the authorities arrested two culprits involved in the act.
He further added that the culprits were involved in supplying meat of dead chickens to different banquet halls and hotels across the city.

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  1. Nazia said:

    Please route this container to NATO supply line.There is no problem for NATO soldiers to feel the difference of Hilal or haram so they can utilize it in better form.If we couldn't stop drone attacks or taken military stand against silala operation, then at least we are capable of having this kind of chicken revenge which is surely in range of our hen pecked military chiefs.

    • A J Khan said:

      NATO doesnt buy chickens from Pakistan. This was a gift of Punjabi Muslims for their Pashtuns Muslims Brothers. This was their revenge for not accepting KalaBagh dam

      • Nazia said:

        NATO surely not buy this chicken as they are kept on human feed by our rulers but at least we can take this kind of revenge as told above.
        If Punjabi muslims are doing so as per report of your informer then I am sure this lot is for ISI trained head cutter talibans who are practicing this techniques on our poor officials and unarmed civilians for last many years by making photo session of such inhumane training ..So poor Punjabi might thought that after seeing this huge supply they might free our Pakistanis and start practicing on these dead chicken.
        You see how deep thinkers are your Punjabi Muslims of Pakistan that what ever mess these pashtuns brothers are doing for last 30 years in our soil, they still looking for better options of their jihadi brothers.

    • SHAH HUSSAIN said:

      nazia — your high intllect comments are lost on some foulmouthers .. wonderfully written — henpecked military chiefs !! but most foulmouthers cannot see the irony and humour .. pity ..

      • Nazia said:

        Dont worry nothing is lost if based on genuine logic but surely reserved in some unconscious pocket of human mind.Some persons have natural inclination to realize logics after reaching retirement stage and please dont invite your hum kalam hum zaban rival here at least near my comments.
        Sorry for intervening in your personal styles but it is my mode of expression too which must be free of abusive terms

        • SHAH HUSSAIN said:

          NAZIA – I had to return abuses of the vulgar scumbgs .. I never abuse first ..

          we like your exressions and compliment you on your sophistications even if we beg to differ sometimes .. its a delight to read your satirical posts ..

          good night .. shabaakhair

          ps- I am on call for emergencies and shall have no sleep for at least anather 6 hours.. I have seen good bad ugly of human race rich poor millionaires and paupers ..bravehearts and baddies .. please always stand up to ignorants kaafirs who call themselves muslims or whatever ..

          • desi said:

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,wow SAH HAQ,on call huh,roads need to be swept or does the garbage needs to be picked up? so you are the true muslim,our Sindhi bhai lol.Give me a break man,At least Nazia makes sense,even though I don't share her views at times,I give her credit,you on the other hand are total garbage hiding behind a wanna be.You wanna compete with me? go to school for 12 years and then 6 years of college at a university,then you can come and hold a conversation with me,until then,save yourself,I'll continue to have fun with you

          • Nazia said:

            I am noti looking for your justification on your abusive practice.this is again your personal effort and interests but I am just requesting you not to indulge in such high profile linguistic sophistication with any body while haveing discussion with me as I cant continue it further due to my limitations ..
            Thanks for your taunting compliments on my satirical posts( from your point of view) but what I feel disturbance around me I just explain it in my simple ways .how it become satirical I dont know.
            I have no capacity to stand again kafirs nor authority to challenge their kafarana or muslamana styles but have just personal observation /comment as per topic

  2. A J Khan said:

    What else would one expect from big brother other than dead rotten chickens from Raiwind farms.

  3. SHAH HUSSAIN said:

    DEAD CHICKENS –overdosed with birdflu virus biological warfares by firangis and lahori punjabi mafias !!! pakistan has very high rates of TB hepatatis A B C drugs resistant malaria due to LAHORIS AND FIRANGIS MAFIAS who wonna make most pakistanis half dead beggars slaves !!!

    • Lahoria said:

      Most Pakistanis are "half dead beggars slaves" anyway including yourself.

      • SHAH HUSSAIN said:

        lahoria — u seem to be proud half dead slave beggar .. pity .. kick firangis out of pakistan and islamic countries ..

  4. dengi badmash said:

    Jis ko apni zuban bolee lekhni ke adat na hoo,usay itni fikar Q ,apne app see start lo our achay pakistani banu.kam as kam apne zuban mai baat tu kia karee app mehrban. tu tab ham in chizo ke taraf aingee 🙂

  5. SHAH HUSSAIN said:

    REPORT SAYS ""… CULPRITS supplying dead chicken meat to BANQUET HALLS AND HOTELS …"" !!! these basta-ds with muslims claims are real kaafirs e islam gadaars e pakistan !!! very serious crime ..

    yet one basta-d foulmouther with vulgar false name abuses obscene comments — he calls himself bbkaph*dda –refering to his own kanjarimotherf*d by 1000 dalaas.. !!! so bbkaph*dda — terimaakiharaamzadescumbg employed by either paktoday or some lahorikanjarsmafia ..

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