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Senate committee asks for payment to HEC/Universities staff

Senate Standing Committee on Education and Training with Senator Abdul Nabi Bangash in the Chair Wednesday took a strong notice of the non payment of 20% increase in salaries and shortfall in the budget for the HEC for Universities and strongly recommended that all financial problems being faced by the Universities be resolved at the earliest.
Federal Minster for Education and Training Sheikh Waqar Akram directed the HEC to give a briefing to him at the earliest about its financial crisis before he and the Chairman HEC seek a meeting with the Prime Minister to resolve all financial problems of the Universities.
The Chairman directed the HEC not to provide any funds to private sector educational institutions as the government’s own universities are facing a financial impasses.
The committee focused its attention on the burning issue of the extensions given to two MP scale officers of the HEC. The committee had an indepth discussion on the extension/termination of service of Mr Sohail Naqvi, the former E.D. of the HEC.
The Chairman observed that HEC being a noble institution should not be politicized in the media. He said the committee will fully support the HEC but it should work within its constitutional domain.
Senator Afrasiab Khattak was of the view that the old HEC Ordinance is in contrast to the Constitution and until a new HEC ordinance takes shape, the HEC should follow the constitution and the orders given by the Prime Minister.
The Committee also took a strong notice of the allegations made in print media by former Chairman HEC Dr Attaur Rehman.
Sheikh Waqas Akram gave very bluntly and boldly his understanding of the issue. He said the Prime Minister in his recent most order has stated that Dr Sohail Naqvi’s extension was illegal. He told the committee that the Ministry will soon be advertising the post of Executive Director of HEC.
The Chairman of the Committee finally directed the HEC to go for advertising of the said post of Executive Director.
The Committee was informed by the Chief, Planning Commission that 50% releases have been made to the HEC.

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  1. Ijaz said:

    The Senate does it with smoke and mirrors. What could be more ironical than that the fate of somebody like Dr Naqvi is placed in the hands of a Bangash, a Khattak and a Waqas . It is a truism that there is no one who is indispensable but when a national icon is removed summarily anarchy and chaos reign.

  2. Fact said:

    What made Suhail Naqvi a national Icon? how much he paid you to raise his status? would you call him a saviour or Messiah as well, if given a small tour of Europe with family?

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