PML-F claims stakes in Karachi, majority in Sindh | Pakistan Today

PML-F claims stakes in Karachi, majority in Sindh

Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) boasted its last week’s successful province wide strike and celebrated the popularity of the Pir Pagara due to his inflexible stand on SPLGA in Karachi.
PML-F media coordinator Shama Munshi on Monday said that “the Nov 30th strike has proved that PML F is one of the biggest stakeholders in the politics of Sindh, as well as that of Karachi.” It is being rumored that PML-F with its coalition partners may secure a majority in Sindh assembly against PPP and MQM alliance. Shama said that the November 30 strike was a referendum in which the numbers were on PML-F’s side. She said that the leadership crisis of Sindh had been addressed by “Sain Pir Pagara”. She told that Pir Pagara had scheduled a public rally in Hyderabad on December 14 and added that December 14 would be the day of demise of PPP. The populace of sindh especially that which lives outside Karachi and Hyderabad has termed SPLGO a black and demonic law. The interior has out rightly rejected the bill terming it as a conspiracy to disintegrate Sindh. Earlier Pir Pagara commented that “Sindhis will never forgive PPP traitors who sacrificed the integrity and vital interests of sindh for the sake of power.

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