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Pakistan rejects nuclear double standards, says Mushahid

The Parliamentary Defence Committees of Pakistan and Iran have agreed to enhance mutual consultation and cooperation in the context of changes in the region, particularly in Afghanistan, which will affect both neighbours.
Chairman Senate Defence and Defence Production Committee Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed stated this following talks with the visiting delegation from Iran’s Parliament and Foreign Affairs Committee headed by Alaeddin Borojourdi on Monday.
The two committees had formal discussions at the parliament house during which there was an exchange of views on Pakistan-Iran relations particularly gas pipeline, Afghanistan, Muslim unity and the Iran nuclear programme. Both sides also agreed on the necessity of enhancing cooperation between the defence ministries of both the countries. Hussain thanked Iran for its generous support to Pakistan during times of trouble, particularly when Pakistan faced pressures as well as during recent floods in Sindh. He said Pakistan have no fundamental conflict of interests and that the entire Pakistani nation was committed to building the gas pipeline with Iran since it is for peace and prosperity in the region. Mushahid Hussain told the visiting Iranian delegation that Pakistan rejects any double standards on the nuclear issue and strongly feels that the standoff with Iran on the nuclear issue should be resolved peacefully, without threat or use of force. The Senate defence committee supports the right of Iran to undertake nuclear research and enrichment for peaceful purposes in accordance with IAEA safeguards, said the senator. Alaeddin Borojourdi clearly stated that Iran has no intention of building the atomic bomb but it will certainly exercise its right to do nuclear research and development for peaceful purposes.

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  1. Imtiaz Syed said:

    The regional stability is of paramount national interest. Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan must not sacrifice people's interest at large by giving in to Western pressure. You are not free until you are free to do what is morally uright.
    We must not allow to pilot the ship of State who sacrifice the safety of ship itself in order to protect their masters' interests. Who are they? They are the one who educate their young children abroad, ryn for medical treatment abroad, buy the tangible assets abroad and build the nest egg by looting their own country.
    As long as our leaders vested interest lies abroad, they can't serve their coubtries selflessly.
    Its not easy as corruption prevails everywhere. May! Allah deputy His Deputy – ImM Mehdi to cleanse our filthy environment

  2. Anon said:

    A 'nuclear Iran' may be good for 'regional stability' …

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