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LHC ruling on KBD attack on federation: Afrasiab Khattak

The Awami National Party (ANP) leader Afrasiab Khattak on Friday said the Lahore High Court (LHC)’s ruling calling for the construction of the Kalabagh dam was similar to an attack on the federation.
Speaking to media persons here, the ANP leader said the LHC’s ruling on a set of petitions seeking to build the dam had “the tone of Takht-i-Lahore” in it.
He said that three units of the federation had rejected the idea of constructing the much-politicised dam.
On the occasion, ANP spokesman Zahid Khan said digging the matter would not deliver any results, adding that the ANP would soon announce its strategy on the issue.
Earlier on Nov 29, the LHC ordered the federal government to implement decisions of the Council of Common Interests (CCI) and build the Kalabagh dam.

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  1. Pakistani said:

    His ass needs to be kicked as does the ass of entire ANP, a thorough anti federation group fed by smugglers, kidnappers for ransom and Pakistan Railway.Their chairman ,a coward, is hiding inthe lap of Washington

  2. Tufan Agha said:

    Punjabi Nationalists dominating punjabi courts. They are spewing poison. They try to use their majority in Parliment to bulldoze this damn dam, they failed. They tried it through their Punjabi Dictator Zia, they failed. So they are playing their last card of Punjabi Courts. This too is going to misfire.

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