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No chance of alliance with Musharraf: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said no alliance will be made with Pervez Musharraf before or after the upcoming elections. Expressing the post-election policies of his party in an interview to a private news channel on Wednesday, Khan said PTI is not a party of families like other parties in Pakistan. He expressed gratitude over positive statements made by Musharraf about him but denied any likelihood of having a coalition with All Parties Muslim League (APML) in the future. Earlier, the APML chief had hinted on the possibility of building an alliance with PTI after the elections.

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  1. desi said:

    I figured that idiot SACH HAQ would comment since its about his daddy Imran Khan,I guess he's not back from his madrassa or he's waiting on his mother outside wada bazaar

    • SACH HAQ said:

      terimaakichootmeinlodaas!! haraamzade desiscumbg !!! whats your name pri imrankhanniazikiaulaad..daleykiaulaadkanjarikiaulaad..

    • SACH HAQ said:


      • desi said:

        There he is hahahahaha,learn some new words dude,quit using the language your mother uses on you lol.

  2. Cobrajock said:

    Proven again that IK has no idea as to what is better for Him and for Pakistan! PTI has been well and truly hijacked by the riff raff that has joined in.

  3. Naveed said:

    While the captain of cricket team IK was not famous for his democratic style or popularity among the players. He has been a lifelong leader of his own party. The real leaders emerge at a younger age and do not bloom after retirement age. The raw talent and character is built early in life as the Op Ed suggests. The great leaders do not continue to make wrong decisions in their own lives till late. All the leaders of Pakistan and India who have won the independence were known for a successful career in law and not banking on other people’s money all their lives. From Mr. Jinnah to ZAB they had the answer to the question what have you done for making a living? They were a political legend even in their 30′s and 40′s. Their source of power was the poor masses of the country not well to do living outside the country.

  4. Anon said:

    Is Mushy running short on hair dye …
    or, trying to look like a 'sugar daddy' ???

    • desi said:

      Atleast he's not trying to look 23 like all the other idiots lol.Its really sickening to see guys in their 60's and 70's with jet black hair,who are they trying to fool ???

  5. Ismail Suleman said:

    Imran Khan himself is a kid in Politics,currently he is living in a world of dreams.Imran khan has no experience in handling the country,where as musharraf ruled Pakistan for 9 years and during his era the country was one of the fastest growing economies in the world.I believe it would be foolish for Imran Khan not to make an alliance with Musharraf as he wont be able to country all by himself and majority of the PTI members are either uneducated or corrupt.It would be in the interest of the country if both musharraf and imran khan join hands together.

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