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Mum’s memoirs a tough read for Bieber

It must have been apoignant experience for teen heart-throb Justin Bieber when going through his mother’s memoirs.
Bieber, 18, said he found it “tough” reading about the tribulations of Ms Pattie Mallette, 37, in Nowhere ButUp, reported Britain’s Daily Mail.
Ms Mallette was sexually abused, took drugs and attempted suicide before becoming pregnant with him.
And at 18, she separated from his father, Mr Jeremy Bieber.
But Bieber is still supportive of his mother’s decision to share her darkest secrets in the book.
He said: “Yeah, it was a lot for me to hear. But I’m older now. When I was younger, my mum never told meany of this stuff.
“It was definitely hard reading those stories, but I’m supportive of her writing the book. It’s cool.”
Speaking to the Today Show in September, Ms Mallette had revealed that she was sexually abused by a male babysitter and a friend’s grandfather when she was four, Daily Mail reported.
The attacks made her feel guilty and shameful for years.
She said: “I was full of shame. I’ve learned it’s normal for anybody who’s been through sexual abuse to carry that shame and blame and feel like there’s something wrongwith you. I definitely carried that.”
More details of her traumatic childhood are revealed in Nowhere But Up.
By the time Ms Mallette was 14, she was addicted to drugs and alcohol,and by 15, shehad lost her virginity. Two years later, she threw herself into the path of a vehicle in a suicide attempt.

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  1. june said:

    i seen you on the george stromboulopolis show today and am so very proud of you overcoming all this stuff.I just can,t wait to read your book.,and i am sure that justin ,while feeling upset with what happened and reading your memoirs has the highest praise and thank you for being the Mom ,that he fortunately has today…and I love when he gives so many thanks to God …Justin is a great son thanks to his Mom

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