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Waqar may join NCA as Director High Performance

Former Pakistan captain Waqar Younis is being tipped to take over as High Performance Director of the country’s National Cricket Academy very soon. Reports quoting sources confirmed that board chairman Zaka Ashraf was keen to utilise the expertise of Waqar.
“Informal discussions have been held on this subject when Waqar recently came down to Lahore to attend a meeting on how to improve domestic cricket and the productivity of the National Cricket Academy,” one source said. “In all likelihood Waqar will be given the role of High Performance Director at the National Cricket Academy and some other additional responsibilities,” the source said.
Waqar was the head coach of Pakistan cricket team in 2010 and 2011 before resigning in September last year due to health and personal reasons. “The chairman is impressed by Waqar’s background as a former player, captain and coach and feels he can contribute a lot to the efforts to modernise and introduce specialisation in Pakistan cricket at the domestic level,” the source stated.
“The fact that Waqar now has experience of having coached an international team and also worked in Australian cricket has convinced Ashraf he is the right man to be the High Performance Director at the academy,” he said. The source pointed out that as part of the modernisation efforts the board was also installing biomechanics laboratory at the NCA.
PCB not to appoint batting coach for India tour
The Pakistan Cricket Board will not be appointing a batting coach for the national team for the upcoming tour to India. A well-placed source was quoted by reports that it has been decided to postpone the selection and announcement of a batting coach until after the Indian tour, which ends on January 7. “The board will not be sending a batting coach to India and it has been decided to make the appointment for the South Africa tour that begins in third week of January,” the source said. A number of foreign and local aspirants, including former captains Inzamam-ul-Haq and Zaheer Abbas, have either submitted their CVs for the position or have publicly conveyed their interest “The selection process for a batting coach is going to take time because we have received CVs of some very strong candidates even from abroad and within the country,” the source said. The biggest problem facing the board is that while the former greats of the country are interested in the job, they don`t have the required qualifications required by the board. “Inzamam, Zaheer and Salim Malik might be greats but they are not qualified coaches,” the source said. He pointed out that in contrast most of the candidates from abroad met the eligibility rules. The source said the decision has also been delayed since chairman, Zaka Ashraf, is not hasty while taking important decisions. “He usually takes his time and this time the choice of candidates is varied,” he added.

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