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Shahbaz hails security efforts for safe Muharram

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Monday said that, just like the previous four years, Youm-e-Ashur throughout the province was peaceful.
He expressed his gratitude to cabinet committee, elected representatives, law-enforcement agencies, ulema and the concerned institutions in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere during Muharrum. Interestingly, he neglected to mention the attack in Rawalpindi where 20 people lost their lives, in his statement regarding peace across the province.
The chief minister appreciated the heads of police and law-enforcement agencies for making satisfactory security arrangements. He said all-out security steps were taken to ensure protection of processions. As a result, law and order remained firmly under control, throughout the province, he said.
CM highlights importance of education: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Monday that Punjab government had been making all-out efforts to provide students with all modern means of education and added that such a provision to the youth of the country was a highly useful long-term investment.
Presiding over a high-level meeting regarding the laptop distribution scheme, he said that Punjab government had devised a strategy to provide the latest technology available to the deserving students of the province and the laptop scheme was a great example of Punjab government’s efforts.
He further said that during the current year, over one lakh latest laptops were being distributed among students enrolled in morning classes and for students enrolled evening classes, rupees four billions had been earmarked.
He further said Punjab government had taken steps for the uplift of education sector, including establishment of IT labs at over 4000 high schools across the province.
He said provision of resources would be ensured for the welfare and uplift of younger generation. Moreover, he said laptops would only be distributed on the basis of merit. He said 4000 laptops each would also be distributed among students of religious seminaries and universities of Islamabad.

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