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Karachi law and order case: SC rejects Rangers report on arrests

The hearing of Karachi law and order case continued on Monday at the Supreme Court’s Karachi Registry.
According to a private television channel, the court summoned the Director General (DG) Rangers for today’s hearing.
The apex court’s five-member bench headed by Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali was hearing a suo moto case regarding law and order situation Supreme Court, Karachi Registry. Other members of the bench included Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, Justice Sarmand Jalal Usmani, Justice Ameer Hani Muslim and Justice Athar Saeed.
The court expressed dissatisfaction over the report and demanded the Director General of the Rangers to appear before the court.
The court ordered the authorities to hand over a detailed report with complete record containing names of the arrested people, the name of officer, who arrested them, the time of their arrest and their transfer to the police custody.
Justice Amir Hani Muslim directed the law-enforcers to abide by the law regarding the arrest of miscreants or amend the law.
It is worth mentioning here that during the previous hearing of the case, the Court had directed Sindh government that the forensic survey of the government land in Karachi should be conducted in one month.

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  1. Pakistani said:

    Why do'nt they call the Interior Ministers of Sind and Centre? This is politics and the Judges are involved.

  2. Javaid Bashir said:

    Karachi's law and order situation has further deteriorated after the S.C decision in the case The law and order is the respomsibilty of the government and security forces which are deployed to combact any acts of violence and terrorism. And they seem helpless againsrt these outfits. Supreme Court can only pass orders , but tcan not enforce security of the Nation. The tough decisions has to be made by the government.

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