Memon tries to appease enraged Pir Pagara | Pakistan Today

Memon tries to appease enraged Pir Pagara

Provincial Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon Wednesday said they pay due respect to Pir Sahab Pagara from the bottom of their heart. He is not only a spiritual leader but he has also political wisdom. Memon said it was a desire of PPP that Functional League be part of the government again. We wanted to continue political reconciliation policy, however, certain members of Functional League were trying to create misunderstandings between both political parties. The minister said: “It seems as if some elements do not want that Functional League and PPP go together and should serve Pakistan and Sindh as well”. “In Sindh Assembly whatever happened on that day, we did not start. Everyone has the right to protest in democracy, but it should be done by restricting ourselves within certain boundaries,” he concluded.

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