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Mafias eroding foundation of country: Syed Khurshid Shah

Minister for religious affairs Syed Khurshid Shah has said mafia is plundering the country, therefore, all have to work together for its eradication.
Presently mafia of every department has eroded the foundations of the country, he said this while giving reply to calling attention notice in National Assembly Tuesday. Somewhere drug mafia is operating, somewhere transport mafia and somewhere some other mafia, he added.
He went on to say hepatitis has reached alarming proportion in the country turning into an epidemic. People will be worried if statistics in this respect are made public, he held. It is corporate responsibility of federation and provinces to work together to eliminate this disease, he urged.
International donors are facing problems due to devolution of health department to the provinces, he stated.
The need is there awareness be created among the people for elimination of hepatitis, he stressed.
Responding to a question he said the standard of medicine will have to be checked before allowing sale of low-rated vaccine.
Replying to a question from Dr Azra Afzal he said government will conduct inquiry into the matter of non-allowing sale of interferon injection in the country.

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