Fine Art Gallery holds painting exhibition ‘Winter Horizon’

The Fine Art Pakistan Gallery (FAP) has organized a beautiful group exhibition titled “Winter Horizon” comprising work by four contemporary artists Mohammad Ali Bhatti, Moazzam Ali, Maqbool Ahmed and Chitra Pritam recently at FAP Gallery.
The group shows with a concept of welcoming the breezy and beautiful winter season, had on display a diversity of styles, colours, particularly the portrayal of different aspects of woman by each of the artists in their own signature style and techniques.
Gallery Curator Rafia Maniar, commenting on the work of the artists, said that they were traditionally very independent individuals.
Moazzam Ali has chosen a few constants for his painting, the female figure and the cultural heritage of Pakistan being the main themes.
Chitra’s major art works are of commendable quality, bold colours combination and fine strokes capture the natural beauty of a village in landscape, sea in seascape and diverse presentation of Buddha, attractive abstract and aesthetically beautiful calligraphy he loves his soil. Bhatti is a realist painter and has the privilege of painting official and private portraits of numerous prominent personalities of Pakistan.
Bhatti strives to define and attain the values of the background, the shadow shapes, the darks, the lights, and the transition tones. He accomplishes the most information using a minimal number of brush strokes.
Maqbool has acquired a diverse mode of painting to distinguish himself among his contemporaries. He creates a vague ambiance through reflections as well as refraction’s of his subjects. All of these artists have great reputation as an artist in the international art world.