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Arguments in favour of age relaxation for CSS

The age limit in many countries (UK, India, Bangladesh etc) for civil services is 35 years or above. Therefore, age relaxation should be given for the following reasons:
Reason 1: Age limit for CSS exam is a direct ban on higher education, as after reduction in upper age limit in 2001, HEC has produced more than 15,000 PhDs but none of those high qualified could appear in CSS examination due to upper age limit. Similarly, lawyers, doctors and other qualified person who have acquired higher education are also deprived of CSS competition due to upper age limit.
Reason 2: Pakistani society is a heterogeneous society in which most of candidates belong to poor and middle class families. They cannot avail three chances of CSS examination up to 28 years as they have to get educated as well as support their families.
Reason 3: It is also worth mentioning that the FPSC has recommended at least 10 books for each paper and there are 12 papers in CSS examination. So, the total number of books is 120 or more. It is impossible for a middle class or poverty stricken candidate to buy these books and then study these books till the age of 28.
Reason 4: It is a well settled principle that rules and policies should be made according to the situation and condition of public at large and not according to condition of few. The CSS age limit must be fixed keeping in view majority of poor candidates.
Reason 5: It is also worth noting that the Pakistani education system is not uniform. Can a candidate of public sector schooling system compete with a candidate of private sector schooling system? The answer is no. They need more time to prepare.
Reason 6: The most important point is that the unemployment and exploitation of youth can make lead them into the hands of terrorists.
Reason 7: Age relaxation to government servants is a severe violation of fundamental rights of our constitution because this means inequality of all citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Only a few people have government jobs while majority have jobs in private sector. So, this must be for both or none. Also, age relaxation is given to few areas and not to the whole country.
Reason 8: Recently, age relaxation has been given to PMS candidates in Punjab. The decision of honourable judge Syed Mansoor Ali Shah for PMS age relaxation narrates, “As to appear in PMS, no previous experience is a requirement to apply. So, the relaxation given to government employees violates the rights of a common citizen. So, the relaxation should also be applied to general candidate who is not in public service.”
Not only this, all provinces have given general age relaxation in all combined competitive examination, except those held under FPSC.
Reason 9: The National Security Council under the supervision of former President Pervez Musharraf reduced the age limit for candidates appearing in CSS examination on general seats from 30 to 28 years, for backward areas’ candidates from 33 to 30; and for government employees with two years continuous service from 35 to 30. It is also worth noticing that most of the Musharraf’s orders are declared by government as “null and void” but this order still exists.
Reason 10: For other jobs under FPSC, the age limit is 35 years. The same should be for CSS as it is a clear violation of fundamental rights. Also, age relaxation to the candidates belonging to only some specific areas of the country is also a clear violation of fundamental rights.
Reason 11: A candidate of 21 years is most probably not fully mature for civil services. Examples from history are evident of the same fact. So, in order to recruit fully mature candidates and to avoid rot memory, upper age limit should be increased.
The government should also give at least five years age relaxation for CSS in order to avoid brain drain.
Moreover, there should be elimination of the restriction according to which only three chances are allowed. There are thousands of candidates who are still under 28 year of age, but for one reason or the other could not clear the exam. Especially those who have qualified all the stages (written, psychological and interview/viva voce) but are not allocated to any occupational group.
My humble request before the rulers is: let the competent be given at least a chance of fair competition in a country like ours where mockery of the merit seems to be a prevailing principle for government service.


  1. Akbar said:

    Great letter, this will be heard. I’m in favour of 5 years general age relaxation. God bless those who are working for age relaxation. This is our right, Musharraf had gone do should go his laws and CSS aspirants be compensated for their loss of time by giving them age relaxation as far as 35 years because government is increasing retirement age. Great time to get it done. Please share this page of Pakistan today with your friends and family on Facebook and twitter, let’s do it, let’s get or voice heard.

  2. naseem said:

    Good cause. GovT should raise age limit so we can study and take our exam.

  3. Salman said:

    All of those relaxation are just for the upper age limit. Have you any solid reason for the under age relaxation???

  4. Shahid Ali said:

    Shahid Ali (Dar-e-Arqam Chiniot,)

    A good point has been had. I am in the favor of all the above mentioned arguments. Government should pay heed to it and take an immediate action in this regard.

  5. masoom said:

    this is a public interest issue and pmln govt can take credit by resolving it . the move will be appreciated by thousands of pakistanis. however we have to wait for government response as its attention is still grasped by the issues of upper class interests. lets atleast hope for the best

  6. zaheer Ahmed said:

    iam also fully prepared to work in favor of upper age limit of CSS.Inshaallah! our efforts will bring about victory.
    Please be sincere our mission.

  7. Zaheer Ahmed Channa said:

    Let us raise collective voice for cause of increasing upper age limit of CSS . 28 + 5 years must be

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