Finance Ministry rejects funds for FC weapons

Ministry of finance has regretted allocating Rs4 billion to FC for its need of latest weapons.
Online reports that interior ministry has decided to raise the issue with Prime Minister, since 108 FC platoons, fighting terrorism alongside Army, lacked necessary weapons against Taliban as 25 of its platoons were literally devoid of any weapons at all.
According to reports, the 26,172 strong FC force possessed only 536 bulletproof jackets, while the bomb disposal squad is non-existent.
The report also indicates a dire need for at least 15,463 sub-machine guns, 145 light machine guns, 1052 heavy machine guns, 751 rocket launchers, 22, 985 bullet proof jackets, 20APC vehicles, 247 NVDs and 120 vehicle jammers.
Currently 547-platoon strong FC troops are deployed in 17 districts, out of which 103 posts are located in KPK, 60 platoons in Sindh; while following the orders of interior ministry 400 FC personnel are deployed on protection of VIPs.

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  1. Ishrat salim said:

    400 FCs should be redeployed for civilians safety….not VIPs.

  2. Anon said:

    FC with heavy machine gun and rocket launcher less education and discipline …
    might as well consider heavy artillery, cruse missile, IUDs' and pocket nuke …

  3. abdullah leghari said:

    All we need more weapons…..wrong, instead they can help the nation.

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