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Bangladeshi, Malaysian PMs won’t attend D-8 summit in Pakistan

The prime ministers of Bangladesh and Malaysia on Saturday formally excused themselves from attending the upcoming D-8 conference in Pakistan scheduled for Nov 22.
Sources told a private TV channel that Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid has formally informed the Pakistani government through the Bangladeshi foreign office that she would not be attending the summit, despite having initially agreed to do so.
According to reports, the Bangladeshi foreign minister had sought an apology from Pakistan for war crimes allegedly committed during the 1971 war after which the former East Pakistan acquired its independence.
Pakistan has said that it has regretted in different forms in the past and that “it was time to move forward.”
Earlier reports had said that Bangladesh would be represented at the conference by Foreign Minister Dipu Moni, however, no confirmation has yet been received in this regard
Meanwhile, sources further told that the Malaysian prime minister had also excused himself from attending the conference. The reasons behind the Malaysian PM’s cancellation could not be confirmed.

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  1. A Reader @TrSp said:

    While PAKISTAN will be disappointed with Prime Minister Wajid not attending the D8 meeting a simple apology is not the solution.

    There should be a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) likes of which the world has seen in South Africa, Sierra Leon and Canada set up to meet, address and resolve the grievances both sides have with each other.

    Pakistan also needs to reopen the case of dismemberment of Pakistan and bring those responsible to a posthumous accountability which may be symbolic but be of enormous significance to the future generations of Pakistan.

    Pakistan requires a 'Trial of Graves' to educate its new generation; its public, a new generation of entrepreneurs along with its civil and military officers.

  2. Mohammad Khan Sial said:

    The history of separation of history of Bangladesh, goes to 1948 when in an Islamic country created in the name of religion, Urdu was declared as only national language of Pakistan rejecting Arabic – the language of Holy Quran.

    on Feb 21, 1952 Bengali students who were protesting in Dhaka for their language were brutally killed. This compelled them to start movement for independence. The UNO is celebrating officially the day (21 Feb) as mother tongue day through out the world every year.

    So we must have courage to face truth and must recognize facts that Pakistan was broken on the language basis.

    • Pakistani said:

      @Sial you must know the difference between mother tongue and official language.Bengalis are not the only ones,what about other languages spoken in Pakistan.Your argument does not hold good.

      • Dr.M.M.Khan said:

        It does! How could urdu be the official language when more than 50% of the population did not speak it including the founder of the nation. It may not be the only reason for breaking of Pakistan but it was a certainly a contributing factor.

  3. Anon said:

    "… Hina Rabbani Khar is said to have hired the services of a lady event manager for an astronomical Rs3 million though she has no experience of managing such event… '.
    "… government has extended hospitality for the dignitaries from the guest countries one-plus-six but Nigeria delegation will comprise about 150 members including its President …"
    "Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who reluctantly agreed to attend the summit would also leave Islamabad on the day of the summit…."
    = not a success

    • TH, Mahfuz said:

      I, believe Bangladesh and Pakistan shouldn't be in this D-8 group because this conference has become more of a lip service between the leaders rather than getting something worthwhile. Pakistan should make economic alliance with Iran and Turkey, because they have more in common in terms of cultural than Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia. This so-called Muslim brotherhood is more of a political connotation nothing else, and we are more divided than ever before. All of us has to improve ourselves based on our own interest and individually work through for our own greater good.
      In the future, when all our economies are powerful and important enough then we can create greater pressure in global political arena, other than that at this moment its just waste of time for us.

  4. dr ashraf khan said:

    BD Awami League leadership must stop now for Pakistan bashing. Definitely BD-PM has her own psychological issue related to murder of Sheikh Mjuib Rahman. If I recall correctly Gen Musharraf apologized the BD on his visit to BD. This is time for all of us to move forward. Pakistani nation is open hearted nation, many of industrialists now investing in BD economy. If BD-PM doesn’t participate, sky will not fall on us, after all BD is not yet a “developing –D” country.
    Dr. Ashraf Khan

    • TH, Mahfuz said:

      Mr Ashraf, some days back I remember Dawn News paper, published that BD has surpassed PK in terms of export. Bangladesh, has been doing good in various economic spectrum, and not to mention their socio-economic performance has been really good in past few years even compared to India. Also, developing, only doesn't confine itself to economy, say girls education is also part of the development process, in this case pakistan is lagging behind in this part. And, Pakistan's investment in Bangladesh is very small compared to many China, US, Turkey, India and so on. Even if Pakistan withdraw its investment, the ''Sky won't fall on BD'' either, because remember their are willing parties who wants to takeover the place where your country's business men invested.

  5. shiraz said:

    pakistan donot need to seek apology.bengalis should seek apology from rotten fish they eat.

  6. shiraz said:

    pak must stop investing in bangladesh otherwise industries of westPakistanis will be natnalised for second time

  7. Anon said:

    Nothing still explains why D-8 is now four and a half and one quarter at Islamabad …

  8. farooq naqvi said:

    it was indian game to saparat east pakistan why bangalies have killed their freedum leader mujeebur rehman after getting indepedent

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