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Katie Holmes still trapped by Tom Cruise?

Actress Katie Holmes still feels trapped by Tom Cruise – despite their divorce. Cruise remains in almost constant contact to keep tab on their beloved daughter Suri, so Katie can’t ever feel completely free.
“Because of Suri, Katie is tied to Tom for life whether she likes it or not,” showbizspy.com quoted a source as saying. “If I were in her shoes, I would be looking over my shoulder every step to see Tom’s reaction. I know how she must feel. It would be torture almost 24 hours a day. I don’t see how Katie would ever be able to relax,” “However she looks at it – she’s trapped,” added the source. Adding to her anxiety is the fact that the couple would have celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary on Nov 18. “She’s got to be torn up emotionally because it dredges up both good and bad memories of their marriage,” said the source. “And there will be a battle over Suri’s affection for the holidays. Katie must be fretting over where Suri should spend Thanksgiving and what she should buy her for Christmas. There’s always the worry that Tom will outdo Katie and make her feel inadequate as a mother,” said the source.

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  1. Andreas Dyck said:

    Actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are having a hard time convincing people of their sudden hot and heavy romance. In a poll taken in New York City’s Times Square, over 2/3 of the respondents believed that the Cruise and Holmes romance is a publicity stunt due to their upcoming movie releases (Cruise’s War of the Worlds and Holmes’ Batman Begins. Actors/actresses notoriously fall in and out of love in Hollywood, so why is there so much speculation about this romance. Why is this romance such a hard pill to swallow? Doesn’t anyone believe in love at first sight anymore?;’^’


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