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CSS age limit

Former dictator Pervez Musharraf was an undemocratic president and therefore with his fall and subsequent exile all his decisions small and large were to be treated as non-existent and law reverted back to its former order. But unfortunately, five years down the road the laws enacted by the former disgraced dictator are still in place in all their might and glory. For example, he had cut the CSS age limit by two years. With the advent of democracy, CSS aspirants hoped in earnest that the age bracket will widen consequently but much to their chagrin and despair it stubbornly stayed in its place. Resultantly, those candidates who had crossed 28 years deadline by then have now crossed 30 years by now and hence are living with nothing but regrets and hopelessness. Ironically, the incumbent government extended the age limit for all other federal jobs from 30 to 35 years in 2011 through a notification but consistently ignored the hue and cry of the CSS aspirants with a cold shoulder.
Seeing the neglectful attitude, CSS aspirants collected their pocket money and filed CSS age petitions in the Lahore High Court and Peshawar High Court. The courts admitted the petitions and in their hearings called on the Establishment Division to comment as to why the age discrimination has been maintained with the CSS exams. The establishment division has not submitted its comments so far and it could be that either because it is facing resistance or is deliberately employing delaying tactics. Whatever the case, it is the youth of Pakistan who are suffering.
Therefore, I request your honour, the Chief Justice of Pakistan, to take suo motu, because article 25 of the constitution of Pakistan does not allow discrimination, and extend the upper CSS age limit to 35 years so that all those who love civil services of Pakistan can stand a chance to take this exam and serve their country.


  1. Assad janjua said:

    I agree with the writer. CSS age limit must extend to 35 years. Thank you Pakistan today.

  2. bilquis afridi said:

    Chief justice is requested to pay attention to this letter. There is a valid point raised by the sender.

  3. Rauf said:

    Very right, we as pakistan's backbone request his highness the Chief Justice of pakistan to take a suo moto and have justice with us

  4. RANA ATIQ said:

    The voice raised regarding this issue is i think too late. But Efforts should always be underway. I at least don't expect so called democratic Govt. to take any notice of it. These illiterate people don't understand the worth of CSS officer

  5. Asif said:

    Agree with writers point of view. CJ should take suo moto to save nations youth.

  6. muhammad muddasir said:

    i agree with him that age limit shall be increased

  7. Usman said:

    referring to Govt Policy of not allowing age relaxation. and referring to others who moderate the comments apple polishers

  8. SADAF BUKHAR said:


  9. Akbar said:

    @ Sadaf: dear please do something practical for this cause of CSS age relaxation. Join CSS forum and I’m the news section we have a group working for CSS age relaxation. There is a guy with nick name mystic. Contact mystic.

  10. aziz said:


  11. m.aslam.ch said:

    In my perception CSS, a century old system of colonial era need be done away with. How a person holding masters in history, arabic, islamic studies can administer ministries of Health, environment, Industry, Trade not knowing even basics of such departments in this electronic era. Moreover, if a large number of Assembly members / parlimentarians could be fake degree holders, then what one can say about CSSs.The right course is that size of the Govt should be cut to half for better and efficient Administration and incumbents should be selected on the basis of qualification and with average five years experience in the private sector..

  12. Mustafa said:

    we should to consult with new govt of if Nawaz Sharif become PM……………..

  13. Fariha said:

    In pakistan and its system expect no positivity..

  14. shazia said:

    i am also agree the statement of GULAM MURTAZA age limit change honi chye buht se logo ka passion hota h likn age limit ki waja se sb hopeless ho jatay jo k mery khyal se drust nahi is bt py hmary RESPECTABLE CHIEF JUSTIS SAHB OR PRIME MINISTER OF PAKISTAN ko b gor krna chaye ta k 28 YEAR K AGE KO JO LOG CROSS KR GY UNKO B MOQA MILNA Chye agy bhrny ka.

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