First prisoner executed in over five years in Mianwali jail

Pakistan has carried out its first execution in over five years, sparking criticism from human rights activists.
Jail official Abdullah Khan Niazi says authorities hanged Muhammad Hussain early on Thursday morning in Mianwali city.
Muhammad Hussain was an army soldier and a resident of Langarwala Pul of Sahiwal tehsil Sargodha district. He was sentenced to death in 2009 because he had killed his senior officer Havaldar Khadim Hussain in 2008 when they were on leave.
It was the first execution since the current government came to power in 2008. President Asif Ali Zardari placed an unofficial moratorium on executions after he was elected. Every three months the Presidency issued a letter through respective home departments, staying all executions.
But Niazi said that the president and the head of the Army, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani rejected Muhammad Hussain’s mercy petition.
Zaman Khan, an official at the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, criticized the execution, saying it indicates the government has changed its policy.

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  1. ahmad said:

    Govt should adhere to the law of execution as its the only one way to get down the emotions of the suffered families and to the curb the crimes in socity…

  2. jfhkjgj said:

    Criminals and killers must be lucky people. So many human rights organizations support them while no one supports victim's family.

  3. Pro Truth said:

    Whats so wrong about it, its part of law of Pakistan! Its astonishing that no murderers were punished in last 5 years? no wonder crime is going up in Pakistan.
    If some people are against capital punishment, they should try to change the law if they can in the country! instead of critisizing the executions.

  4. Nazia said:

    Actually we Pakistani believe in extra judicial killings that is why Judges or LEA agencies have left this business of punishing people to death.So people are taking death decisions on their own basis.In Pakistan almost 5 to 10 people are daily killed on the basis of enmity
    that is why no burden on our forces

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