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Pakistan’s draft reaffirming peoples’ self-determination right adopted

A committee of the UN General Assembly has adopted a Pakistan-sponsored resolution reaffirming that the universal realization of the right to self-determination is a fundamental condition for the effective guarantee of human rights.
The resolution co-sponsored by a record seventy-five countries‚ was adopted with consensus.
The resolution serves to focus the world’s attention to the struggle by peoples for their inalienable right to self-determination‚ including those in Kashmir and Palestine.
The resolution also declares the 193-member General Assembly’s firm opposition to foreign military intervention‚ aggression and occupation.
Introducing the draft‚ Pakistani delegate Marghoob Saleem Butt highlighted the importance of right of self-determination that enjoys primacy in international law and is the cornerstone of the UN Charter and two international Covenants.

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  1. pakindian said:

    The people in Azad Kashmir and Baluchistan must be very happy at this unusual and unexpected decent action by Pakistan. All praise be to Almighty Allah.

    • wonderer said:

      You took away my words. I was just going to say the same thing. Thanks!

  2. SACH HAQ said:

    PAKISTAN peoples right to self determination — balochistan sindh karachi paktoon kashmir baharain oppressed shias 80% of baharain population palestine scotland baaths spain khalistan tibet ugrumuslims china lahoristan .. yes pakistani shias rights to self determination … add pakistani christians egypr christians shias … EVEN AS PAKISTANI PEOPLES SUFFER TARGET KILLINGS DAILY !!!!! DONT FORGET MALALA !!!!! GIVE PAKISTAN NOBLE PIECE PRIZE !!!! PAKISTANIS ARE DRIVEN MAD BY ANTI INDIAN HATREDS EVEN AFTER 4 LOST WARS FOR ALLHARAAMS CASH MIRIS WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING FOR PAKISTAN… CASH MIRIS –JUST THAT CASH FROM PAKISTAN CASH FROM INDIA AND DEAD BODIES OF SOLDIERS FROM BOTH PAKISTAN AND INDIA !!!! TALKING OF ISLAM ==PEACE OR PIECES AS IN KARACHI !!!! WHAT THE HELL !!!!!

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