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US interference not to effect elections: Mushahid

Chairman Senate’s Defence Committee Mushahid Hussain Syed has said although US intervention played role in the past but it would not act in the next general elections as the American influence in Pakistan has been diminished.
Addressing a seminar on the topic “long-lasting regional peace”, here on Tuesday he said that the peace in the region could not be maintained without Pakistan as the country has an important role in the region which could not be ignored.
He said that USA is getting weak and now its political involvement would not be as severe as in the past. Egypt and Turkey have slipped from the US grip. Now Pakistan is improving its ties with India, Afghanistan and Iran due to its independent foreign policy.
US is becoming the state of third world as society there is divided due to recent elections and it is declining financially. The political decline of USA has begun. Now the political balance is shifting towards east.
“I am personally thankful to Chief Justice of Pakistan who timely interfere the Balochistan affairs and pointed out the real problems. Government would has to implement the supremacy of law in the country”, the Secretary General of PML added.
Mushahid was of the view that not single person or political party can overcome the problems.
The issue of Karachi is national and international matter. He said that the militant wings from the political parties should be abolished now.
He said that the issues of Afghanistan, Kashmir and Palestine would have to be resolved for global peace.
“There is a dire need to evolve the solid strategy regarding solving the big problems faced by the country including economy, energy, education and extremism. The maintenance of law and order in the country is imperative. Security of lives and property of the people is the responsibility of the government”, he added.

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