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Science and Technology need of the hour for progress: Shahbaz Sharif

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that acquisition of modern knowledge and technology is the need of the hour as the dream of a prosperous society can never be realized without making progress in science and modern technology. He said the nations which have acquired hold over science and technology have proved their superiority to the world. He said Punjab government is also following a revolutionary programme to introduce latest technology among the youth.
The Chief Minister was talking to Federal Minister for Science and Technology Changez Jamali, here today. During the meeting, exchange of views took place on matters of mutual interest and promotion of science and technology.
Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif informed the federal minister that latest IT labs have been established in more than four thousand schools of Punjab to impart latest knowledge to the younger generation. Similarly, he said, in another revolutionary programme, more than one lakh laptops have been distributed among brilliant girl and boy students on the basis of merit, while during the current fiscal year, more than one lakh laptops will be distributed. He said in the current phase, laptops are being given to the boy and girl students of evening classes, religious seminaries and educational institutions of Islamabad.
Talking about transport sector of Punjab, Chief Minister said that metro bus project is the biggest transport project in the history of the country, which will change the travelling pattern of people. He said metro bus project is a splendid example of modern technology, and the control room of the metro buses would be completely computerized. He said metro bus system would bring about a social change as well in the society and he would make Ministers also travel in metro bus, along with citizens. Federal Minister for Science and Technology Changez Jamali said that Punjab government is making good progress in many development sectors which is highly appreciable.

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  1. Tahir Alyana said:

    shareef brothers, looters , dishonest persons and corrupt politicians. Zardari and shareef brothers two sides of the same coin

  2. pashtunyar said:

    Science and tech..makes me think of the water-kit that ran on 100% water!

  3. Nazia said:

    distributing laptops to youth mean to him is spread of science and technology.???
    I think he is not aware that our youth is quite expert of using net cafes long time ago for multiple purpose along with showing extra ordinary progress in IT field in each corner of Pakistan.

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