CNICs to be issued to orphans

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) decreed to grant national Identity Cards (NIC) to orphans and those children whose parentage was not known under Para 9 of NADRA ordinance. The registration of socially destitute children without a family line was an initiative of NADRA that had been in the pipeline since 2006. NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik said that “NADRA has adopted a proactive approach to help sort out this issue having widespread social and religious implications. The authority has shown its unflinching commitment both at policy and technical levels since 2006 when the issue of identification of such children surfaced. Now children without known parentage will have the fundamental right to be the citizen of Pakistan and get an identity under section 9 of NADRA Ordinance 2000” Statutory/ fundamental rights, are not accorded to children with unknown parentage, however after the decision, no individual (orphan) would be deprived of his fundamental rights as ensured in the constitution of the country.

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  1. Khuram Chandio said:

    Good move by the Nadra, But what about the facts that anyone can get NADRA original card by paying very cheap amount. As AJJ TV showed this whole drama in their channel..

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