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MQM postpones referendum

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  1. Faisal said:

    MQM is making fool to the people, actually they are all backed by America and their allies , time will expose them well.

    I do not have any prejudice, I was the supporter of MQM at one time. It will not produce any result. People knows it well that who has placed Karachi terror list.

    People will decide soon well, what need to be done to live them alone through vote casting.
    Once people make the decision there will not be space for them.

    I do not mind if some thing was done for the betterment of the Mahajirs. They are my brothers, sisters and Pakistani. We all love them, please do not cast vote on the basis of tribe, please match them with good people who wants to change society and want to bring prosperity and development in the society.

    • Chaudhry boota said:

      itni tor maror ke baat kion kartay ho….Punjabi Bhai…Why don't you say, support IK tribe of taliban

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