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SC orders action against Taliban, armed groups in Karachi

The Supreme Court on Saturday issued an interim order in the Karachi law and order case, directing the Sindh government to take immediate action against all armed groups in Karachi, including the Taliban.
A five-member SC bench headed by Anwar Zaheer Jamali and comprising Justice Khilji Arif, Justice Sarmad Jalal, Justice Amir Hani Muslim and Justice Gulzar Ahmed passed the interim eight-page judgment at the Karachi Registry.
While issuing the order, the bench upheld the previous judgment of the case and stated that the 35 prisoners whose cases were still pending and who were released on parole should be arrested immediately and presented in respective courts.
The relevant courts were instructed to issue non-bailable warrants for all such criminals. The court instructed the authorities concerned to present a detailed report on the issue during the next hearing, as the SC would continue hearing cases involving accused people.
The order said the provincial government should take the issue of the presence of the Taliban in Karachi seriously.
In an earlier hearing in the same case, Justice Jamali had said there were reports of between 6,000 and 7,000 Taliban activists having made their way into the city. The court had then directed Sindh police chief Fayyaz Leghari to submit a detailed report in this regard. The court also directed the Sindh government to take immediate steps to protect citizens against targeted killings. Moreover, the court also ordered that all firearm licences should be computerised within three months and all previous non-computerised licences be cancelled.
The interim verdict also ordered authorities to take action against illegal unregistered vehicles in the city, directing the government to implement all of its directives in three months’ time. The order added that action against unregistered vehicles and vehicles having fancy and foreign number plates should be initiated. Earlier during the hearing, the bench also instructed Excise and Taxation Department to set up their office at Karachi Port so that no vehicle could enter the city without registration, as unregistered vehicles were being used in criminal activities and officials were not taking any notice of the occurrences.

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  1. ishrat salim said:

    It was almost 3 yrs past when Altaf Husain of MQM had warned the people of Karachi through one of gatherings of his supporters that Karachi is being Talibanised & for the govt to take notice on " war footing " but nobody took his warning seriously & today the govt & even the interior minister has conceded in SC that 7000 Talibans are present in Karachi….

    – It was again Altaf Husain of MQM who had warned that Talibans as IDPs are entering Karachi, he was accused that Karachi is not only for Urdu speaking & Sindhis only……..

    What happened NOW that even SC had to take notice on this important issue….

    This has exposed the agenda of vested interest to bring this country on its knees by breaking its economy by breaking the economy of Karachi….


    altaf huusein is the pioneer of t horrible target killing in use calling or talking of talibans coming to karachi when you are in this game for last27 years.urbane terrorist talibans

  3. Observer(UK) said:

    @Ishrat Salim is quoting Altaf Hussain as if he had intelligence agencies under his command who were giving him reports. He is manipulator and extortionist. Taliban may or may not be there but MQM thugs who could be described as terrorists are already well entrenched in poor city of Karachi and are engaged in target killings.

    Altaf's henchmen are trying to portray this obnoxious venomous serpent as a goog guy who cares about Karachi. The fact is that Karachi has never seen peace since this snake has arrived in the horizons.

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