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Masses want restoration of Bahawalpur province: Durrani

Former information minister and chief of movement for restoration of Bahawalpur province, Muhammad Ali Durrani has said that the masses desire to see restoration of the province before general elections and if their demands were not fulfilled no one could stop them to move to streets to record their protest.
He stated this while talking to Makhdoom Syed Mujtaba Bukharai, Sajjada Nasheen of Hazarat Syedoson Lal Bukhari, who called him here on Sunday.
Muhammad Ali Durrani said that after the Punjab Assembly resolution regarding restoration of Bahawalpur province, nobody could deprive the people of their constitutional and legal right.
He said that resolution for restoration of Bahawalpur province was aimed for assisting the people of the region to get rid of feudalism and initiating a new era of development and prosperity.
The former information minister said that parliamentary commission as per its constitutional and legal responsibility should submit the unanimous resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly in the parliament.
He said that Senate’s Committee for SAFRON has also forwarded the recommendations regarding Bahawalpur province restoration to chairman Senate and every legal formality in this connection has been fulfilled.
Muhammad Ali Durrani blamed that the Punjab government sensing the separation of Bahawalpur has started sale of precious valuables of the area against a meagre amount to weaken it before restoration.

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  1. Dr. Sajid Mufti said:

    Governor House and Chief Minister House both should be established in Bahawalpur City

  2. Dr. Sajid Mufti said:

    Restoration of Bahawalpur province
    There has to be some justification in making more Provinces. We cannot make provinces on ethnic grounds.
    Going ahead with Seraiki province and ignoring the demand of Bahawalpur Province, can result in political Upheaval. If new province to be formed it should be the restoration of Bahawalpur province as it was a self-governed state with its own revenue generating mechanism. It was merged into West Pakistan when one unit was established. After the abolition of one unit, the Bahawalpur was not given its previous status as Province.
    The issue of creating more provinces is very sensitive. The government has to be very careful as the consequences of such action can harm the country, but no one is interested in learning lessons from the past.
    Any error in judgement at this time can prove disastrous for the country. It would be better if Bahawalpur is restored before the General Elections.

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