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Imran’s stand on drone attacks

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  1. Mohammad Arif said:

    The people who are opposing Imran Khan are certainly Munafiqs and un human. How a human being can support drones? These assassination drones are killing children, women & men and scattering their body parts. No one remains recognisable. At one instance, drones attacked a primary school and killed more than 80 school children. Small Children. Only a beast can support drones. If Imran Khan openly opposing Drones, why other are not? They are sold out and in reality the people opposing Imran Khan's stand are either beasts are sold out people. For them America is the real GOD not Allah Almighty. Shame on you people, the drone attack supporters and anti Imran Khan. If we start drone attacks on George Bush – the biggest terrorist – and kill him with his family and neibours, will you justify it?????????

    • kaiser said:

      40000 Pakistanis killed by taliban attacks.Many more wounded. Those who are not condemning such attacks are Munafiqs and un human.How can a human can support or justify such attacks.

      • Contra said:

        "support or justify" as you say it tralsnlates into someone saying "yes, what they are doing is right"…Can you name us any politician or share his youtube clip saying that…would be grateful..thanks

  2. Pro Truth said:

    Since when Pakistanis like drone attack as the cartoonist trying to portray here as if all pakistanis love drone attacks. Stop pleasing your masters and twist the truth! Drones are against human rights and against international human rights laws. They are illegal! This is not the way to catch or punish terrorists if they are there!

  3. Saad Saeed said:

    It is lamentable that Pakistanis themselves who are the victims of the American Drone Policy, laugh at Imran and make fun of his stance. Lamentable

    • azam khan said:

      jantey ho us drone mai kitne taaliban or kitne masoom log martey hain hain??
      kaash ap k ander insaaniyat hoti.. hum taaliban or drones se kab niklenge???
      hum ya to taaliban k sath hote hain ya drones k. halan ke donu hamain hi maaar rhe hain…
      zara sochiye..

  4. Chaudhry Boota said:

    Those who shelter Taliban are not innocent civilians….and Al Qaeda is not at all innocent. they should go back to their bediun lands..we don't need their lectures on religion.

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