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Anti-drone protest shuts down Hancock Air Base

Forty American citizens created a blockade on Wednesday of Hancock Air National Guard Base outside Syracuse, NY, to protest against drone attacks in Afghanistan and other countries.
MQ-9 Reaper drones are operated by remote control from the base, and are used to carry out attacks in Afghanistan and other countries.
The blockade began shortly after 8am when the activists gathered outside three gates of the military airfield, which are located on East Malloy, Thompson, and Townline Roads in the Town of DeWitt, near Syracuse. They set up traffic cones, unfurled banners, and held up signs and pictures. They succeeded in blocking the gates for two and a half hours before they were arrested and taken to the Town Court of DeWitt.
The activists presented a document to personnel at the base, which they called a “People’s Indictment for War Crimes”. They also read the indictment outside the gates. The indictment reads, in part: “These drones are being used…for killings far removed from combat zones….to assassinate individuals and groups…
‘Extrajudicial killings such as those the US carries out by drones, are intentional, premeditated, and deliberate use of lethal force to commit murder in violation of US and International law.” The use of armed drones has become the subject of controversy recently, with a recent study by Stanford and New York Universities showing that civilian casualties are much higher than has been claimed by the Obama administration. The study also shows that the continual presence of drones over some arts of Pakistan is creating psychological trauma in the civilian population. A recent poll in Pakistan shows the US drones are sparking outrage, with 75% now viewing the United States as more of an enemy than an ally.


  1. Nazia said:

    This is right way to mark the protest at right place.Follower of IK should learn from such protest that hammer should struck at right place and accurate time..Here I requested the same when IK started his march that brothers/sisters you were marching towards victims not towards those who are actual reason behind this kind of killing of Pakistanis.
    I hope from this news IK follower might know that they were led toward wrong direction by their tuttty fruity leadership.

    • Bunny said:

      @Nazia…what should IK do…Should he march from Pakistan to Amreeka to their bases…Should he go to afghanistan to protest against drones…outside their bases…Should hr go amreeki embassy and block it for days…(then your govt will stood against him)…He opted the way to go to the people effected by it…I would request you to tell one place where he should go…

      • saqib said:

        Let IK protest against Talibans who killed more than 40k innocent people rather than begging them for security then going to USA for money. Stop dual standard

      • Nazia said:

        First palce is GHQ rawalpindi or other 4 bases of Pakistan where these drones are palced , fueld or guided by our brillant intellegnce group to hit the target
        Do you think these drones come from 6000 miles away or from Indian or Israel bases
        where I should go for playing with flutes in front of bulls of Pakistan
        you people have chnaged the typical urdu proverb bhanis kay agay been bajana or as Muslim can I use this term for you people to cast pearl before swine

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