Ziaul Haq’s death a conspiracy by US and Aslam Beg: Roedad - Pakistan Today

Ziaul Haq’s death a conspiracy by US and Aslam Beg: Roedad

Former interior secretary Roedad Khan revealed that the death of Ziaul Haq had been conspired by Gen (r) Aslam Beg and the US. He said that Robin Rafael had confirmed this and had refused to meet General Aslam Beg during his visit to the US. “The US had become angry with Zia when he continued pursuing the nuclear bomb programme,” he told a private television channel, “The US was also apprehensive that Zia would not allow it to play a role in Afghanistan.” Meanwhile he said that the judiciary was very powerful in Pakistan but the accountability of ex-army men was still a far cry. He predicted that the caretaker government would be established but would extend its tenure and there would be no accountability.

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  1. SACH HAQ said:

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    • Pakistani said:

      Sorry sir, its seem u are not a knowledgeable person. before implying something, kindly think.

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