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US has profound interest in Abbottabad Commission report

The United States shares with Pakistan a “profound” interest in learning about what kind of support network al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden might have had during his hiding but would only comment on the Abbottabad Commission’s findings on the issue when it gets the actual report, the State Department said Monday.
“We just seen reports in the Pakistani Press about the Abbottabad Commission report. As we have stated previously, we obviously share with the government of Pakistan a profound interest in finding out what kinds of support networks bin Laden might have had,” Deputy spokesperson at the State Department Mark Toner said. He was asked to comment on reports in the Pakistani media about some findings of a report by the Commission, which was tasked by Islamabad to probe bin Laden’s having been able to hide in Pakistan that led to American unilateral raid on his Abbottabad hideout.
“We believe such report when it get finalized and gets published, it is important for the American people and the Pakistani people to know,” Toner remarked at the daily briefing. “We have not seen the report itself. You are asking me to comment on press reports about the report’s contents. So let us wait until we have the report, then we will be happy to comment on it.” The spokesman said he was not aware if the Pakistani Commission had sought any information or assistance from the United States during its investigation.

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