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Tom Hanks apologizes for F-word bomb

Tom Hanks inadvertently dropped an f-bomb during an interview about his new movie ‘Cloud Atlas’ on ‘Good Morning America,’ on Friday. The 56-year-old actor told news anchor Elizabeth Vargas that if she asked him to speak as one of the approximately 75 characters he assumes in the epic ‘Cloud Atlas’ he might utter a profanity, the Washington Post reported. Hanks gave it a shot and got about eight words in before he said the f-word. Both he and Vargas immediately gasped. And both apologized. “I’m sorry, I slipped into a brand of acting. I have never done that before. I want to apologize to the kids in America that are watching this right now,” quoted him as saying. “And let me say that the next time I’m on the show, there will be a seven-second delay,” he said. The 50-year-old journalist then attempted to proceed with the movie discussion, but the two-time Oscar winner recognized there was still
some comedy to be milked from his gaffe. Hanks later apologized on Twitter too. “This morning Tom Hanks accidently used an expletive during a live interview on GMA with Elizabeth Vargas,” an ABC spokesperson issued a statement about the incident.

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