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PTCL launches 3G EVO Wingle- Pakistan’s first Wi-Fi enabled USB

As first from Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) now introduces Pakistan’s First Wi-Fi enabled USB ‘3G EVO Wingle’ that connects multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously at hyper speeds of up to 9.3 Mbps. PTCL 3G EVO Wingle is a perfect work and travel companion providing a powerful Wi-Fi experience on the go, connecting 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices to PTCL’s revolutionary 3G EVO Wireless Broadband. The tremendous ease and comfort of 3G EVO Wingle with its state of the art Wi-Fi capability and fast internet browsing brings an unparalleled experience for PTCL customers. “3G EVO Wingle will revolutionize the way people connect and surf on the go”, said Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Commercial, Naveed Saeed. “Being the largest telecommunication company in Pakistan PTCL has always been the trendsetter for other companies”. 3G EVO Wingle launch comes with a special bundle offer of 3 months unlimited internet and free Wingle device for just Rs 7,500. PTCL also offers customers the flexibility to opt for various post and prepaid packages based on their needs and requirement and access to broadband internet anywhere anytime. “We are constantly bringing products that provide maximum utility to our customers” said ¬ Executive Vice President (EVP) Wireless, Omer Khalid. “PTCL has specially taken this initiative so that our valued customers can work play and surf on the go”. PTCL 3G EVO Wingle provide customers seamless roaming experience at speeds up to 9.3 Mbps in over 200 cities, with auto switch over to 3.1 Mbps speeds in over 250 cities. The devices come with secure password protection to ensure optimal connection security.

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  1. ayaz said:

    same quiz like kamran,Can i update my 3g evo 3.1mbps to 3g evo wingle.plz reply. Thankyou

  2. Munir Mumtaz said:

    can I use this USB without setting up ptcl connection?

  3. tahir ishffaq said:

    can i trace evo wingle can you help me if you can so call on the no 0300 8507813 please callme

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