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KBD: national necessity

It must be obvious to the party in power that Kalabagh dam is the most viable solution to the problem of water and power shortage. What has paralyzed the government into inaction is the fear of a strong reaction from the whole of Sindh and many parts of Punjab. These people believe what their leader had said that Sindh would become a desert if Kalabagh dam was built. They have been led to believe that KBD will deplete the flow in the Indus, that because of its location KBD will benefit Punjab at the cost of Sindh, that Punjab is already stealing Sindh’s water through the CJ and TP link canals, that KBD will have an adverse effect on the Indus Delta etc.
All these suppositions are incorrect but who is to bell the cat. Very few national papers realize the gravity of the situation but even they are content to just print a few letters on the subject. What is needed is a more proactive role by the print and electronic media in educating public opinion on a subject proper understanding of which is vital to the survival of the country. Pakistan will never progress without robust growth in industry and agriculture to revive the economy, create jobs and alleviate poverty. The cosmetic measures being taken by the government by way of small dams and alternate means of energy will not suffice.

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