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Four-day gas loadshedding plan ready

Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Ltd (SNGPL) has finalized a gas load management plan for winter under which four days gas load shedding will be implemented across Punjab from 15th November.
Sources said that there would be a shortage of one billion cubic feet of gas during winter and to meet the shortfall, the load shedding of gas would be increased from three to four days for CNG stations.
The SNGPL which prepared the plan will present it to the Ministry of Petroleum next week for approval. In addition to CNG, there is also proposal to increase gas load-shedding for Fertilizer and other industries.
The sources added that presently the shortfall of gas is between 500 to 600 mmcf which would increase to between 800 and 900 mmcf. They said that though the government has assured that provision of gas to domestic consumers would be a priority but due to extreme shortage, there would be impact on the domestic consumers as well.

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