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Justin Timberlake is a hopeless romantic

Singer Justin Timberlake, who is engaged to actress Jessica Beil, is hopeless romantic, says his former N-Sync bandmate Lance Bass. “I think Justin was ready to marry when he was 14. He`s always been a hopeless romantic and always in love. And he`s had amazing, amazing relationships and very long relationships. He`s never been one of those that dates a girl here and there…He`s a relationship guy,” usmagazine.com quoted Bass as saying. Bass praised Beil and said she is the perfect woman for his friend. He said: “Well, to me, I just love that she`s a guy`s gal. She can get right in there and talk basketball, football and drink a beer with you, and that`s what he needs. He needs someone who can hang with the guys.” “And she has not aged a bit. My first acting job — I did 7th Heaven with her — and I look completely different.”

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