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Emma’s stalker terror in woods

MOVIE beauty Emma Watson screamed in terror when she was confronted in woods by a stalker. The 22-year-old Brit was filming in the US when the weirdo tried to hand her a letter. An insider said Emma recognised him as a man suspected of haunting her before. They added: “The man managed to slip on to the set with some visitors and then approached her. “She recognised him from hanging around outside her house and screamed. “He took off into the woods and was chased by security and a couple of the tough stunt guys who also happen to be martial arts fighters. “They caught up with him in the woods. “Police were called and he was removed by security. “It was really creepy. Emma was really shaken up and was given some time to compose herself.” Emma — Hermione in the Harry Potter films and whose latest film is The Perks of Being a Wallflower — has been shooting biblical epic Noah in Oyster Bay, Long Island. It also stars Russell Crowe and Sir Anthony Hopkins and is due for release in spring 2014. The source said: “It’s been a really tough shoot for her. “The movie has been gruelling anyway and this left a very sinister feeling hanging over the set.” The man was not arrested or charged but was warned about trespassing. Emma was stalked by a man in his 20s when she was just 16. She was given a bodyguard after he gatecrashed lectures she was attending during the first year of her A Levels. Last year assigned a full-time police protection officer and the FBI were alerted after receiving sinister letters from a stalker while studying at Brown University in Rhode Island.

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