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Army backs any ‘constitutional’ solution to Balochistan unrest

Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has said that the army would support any political steps allowed under the constitution to resolve the problems of insurgency-hit Balochistan province.
Gen Kayani said this in a policy statement on Balochistan made before his departure to Moscow on a four-day official visit.
The army chief said that support would be extended to a political solution to the Balochistan problem, provided that the solution was in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan. Kayani said any steps taken in violation of the constitution would be unacceptable.
“[The] army fully supports any political process, as long as it is within the Constitution of Pakistan”, said the statement released by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).
Kayani’s comments follow in the shadows of former Balochistan chief minister and Balochistan National Party President Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s recent statements made in the Supreme Court during a visit to the country after a self-imposed exile of three years in London.
Visit to Russia: During his visit to Russia, the army chief will have several high-level engagements with the Russian political leadership in addition to dialogue with his counterpart on expanding relations between the two militaries.
Kayani’s visit follows the cancellation of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s trip to Islamabad, scheduled for Oct 2-3, and coincides with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov’s two-day visit to Islamabad (Oct 3-4) on the invitation of Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar.
Lavrov is scheduled to call on President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, besides holding bilateral consultations. Gen Kayani’s visit was in the planning for months, but has received additional focus because of the cancellation of Putin’s visit to Pakistan, which would have been a landmark trip because he would have been the first Russian president to visit Pakistan.A senior defence official has described the army chief’s visit as a major breakthrough in Pak-Russia defence ties.
A diplomat at the Foreign Office, meanwhile, said that engagement with Russia was meant to “safeguard national interests as well as deepen consultations”.

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  1. imran said:

    Finally word come from the mouth Kiyani,it meant all what happend in balochistan they were involved now its a confession , but baloch people never gonna trust them ,because of the previous operations and brutulities.God only help baloch nation,for their benefits they broke the constitions and for balochistan now support within constitions what a contradiction

  2. Nazia said:

    I am quite certain that our army and its COAS has such an low IQ that they dot know what they are saying to public.Oh yes if it is in their mind that they are army of fools and duffer nation then their all sayings like that is eligible on us.Constitution in Baluchistan my foot! this name has no importance in Baluchistan long time ago since its creation.
    This is high time to realize the grave problems of Balauch people no matter if one has to go above or below the constitution because stability of province is on stake so like the life and property of people living there.
    This army and bureaucratic establishment illegally earned national resources and created political and constitutional mess there along with their feudal lords, Now when ashes of conflicts have been piled up there, they talk about actions as per constitution.Before saying this COAS should review the orders of SC about missing people and dens of intelligence agencies there if he has any pint of IQ left after undue extension in his dyed head.

  3. Kamal Jamal said:

    A very pathetic comment. The writer displays extreme lack of insight of the problems and has relied on off the cuff emotional remarks.

    It is sad to see how some of the educated Pakistanis undermine themselves and their own nation. It is wholly disgusting.

    • independent1980 said:

      Pakistan today is following censorship policy like ET, The News and Dawn and they will never publish anything if they find they go against some quarters

      • Jamal Kamal said:

        But my comment was about educated Pakistanis undermining their own country and people and PT chose to sleep over it.

        • Jamal Kamal said:

          Good, my comment of three hours ago has finally been allowed. It is no doubt strongly worded but that is how it is meant to be. Kind regards every one. MA

  4. independent1980 said:

    Thank you my Lord Field Marshall Kayani. You are very kind. Zardari and Raja are just puppets.

  5. independent1980 said:

    You, Lord Marsall Kayani, are the master of the country. People disappear from planet Pakistan and who has courage to challenge you?

  6. independent1980 said:

    Balochistan. Field Marshall Kayani, is private property of military and your FC could do anything they like in the name of war against insurgents. Your mentor Musharraf murdered Akbar Bugti and nothing can happen because military is a sacred cow.

  7. zardaritohell said:

    Under the constitution, kiayani's extension is illegal. He should concentrate on his professional duties instead of meddling in other people's business. The best thing that can happen to kiayani is that he dies. It will save him the embarrassment of exposure of his corruption and cowardness. He is a disgrace to the Pakistani army.

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