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British paper alleges ISI role in Hina-Bilawal affair rumors

Claims of an affair between Hina Rabbani Khar, the 34-year-old foreign minister, and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the 24-year-old scion of the country’s most powerful dynasty have fuelled feverish speculation and outrage in Pakistan since they were reported in a Bangladeshi tabloid earlier this week.
According to Blitz Weekly, the married foreign secretary, who has two young children with her millionaire husband, and Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, want to marry and have been regularly talking on the telephone and sending one another cards.
The tabloid claimed President Zardari is firmly opposed to their alleged relationship and had sought details of their mobile telephone conversations to establish the facts.
The paper cited “western intelligence agencies” as the source of details of messages the ‘couple’ had sent each other.
Hina and her husband have dismissed the claims as “reprehensible” and “trash”.
According to The Daily Telegraph, some Pakistan People’s Party figures said they believed the claims were part of a plot by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to damage Hina’s reputation because it blames her for her part in facilitating a UN investigation into thousands of missing people detained by the security forces.
One PPP official told The Daily Telegraph that the ISI expects the United Nations’ Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances to recommend senior army and intelligence officials be charged for their role and blame Hina for allowing the delegation into the country. “They are not happy with her,” the official said. “The UN mission received a cold reception but Hina was called in by the president to meet him and the army chief. She crossed some red line.” The government has not officially commented on the allegations.
Meanwhile, William Gomes, a journalist, has claimed that the man behind the report in Blitz, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is a cheat and fraud.
Gomes quoted a journalist Brenda West as saying “Choudhury operates a shady website called Jethro Conglomerate, for which a scam alert has been posted by an organization that regulates the business dealings of the commodities Choudhury sells. Choudhury states on the Jethro Conglomerates website that he represents a company called Noca. Noca itself does not seem legitimate. It is not licensed. It provides no information about who owns or runs the company. The representatives they do list could be of interest to law enforcement. The Noca site says it is located in Canada but it gives an unpublished Nevada phone number. There is an odor of mobster activity connected with this enterprise, as well as Choudhury’s involvement in it. As we shall see in Choudhury’s published resume, Choudhury worked closely with the indicted mobster, Aziz Mohammed Bhai, who fled Bangladesh in 2009 to avoid imprisonment for various charges, including murder.”

Military denies differences with Hina, warns Telegraph: RAWALPINDI: The military on Saturday rejected the rumors of differences between Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar and the country’s premier spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). A statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said the allegations published by UK-based Daily Telegraph about purported differences between Khar and the ISI were “absurd and baseless”. “The ISI has nothing to do with this defamation campaign and neither any problem exists between the foreign minister and the agency,” an ISPR spokesman said on Saturday. He said that it was the handiwork of those who wanted to weaken the state by creating misunderstandings between various institutions. “It is not something new because such people have been fabricating misleading and impish stories in the past as well,” he said. The ISPR said that the British newspaper “needs to behave more responsibly and confirm veracity of information from respective entities before printing such malicious stories.” The spokesman termed the effort involving the agencies as “rubbish” and “part of a propaganda campaign”. “We reserve the right to take legal action on such anonymous reports without quoting any names and sources,” he added. Staff Report

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    • alikhan said:

      in Pak nothing can be considered off the table….., anything is possible, this story could be true and not true as well…. God knows…

  1. Safder Lodi said:

    As Simple As , ABC ; ” Empty_Mind is the Devil_Workshop ” . Generals have nothing to do in their whole life . So One Can Expect , All Devilment from , GHQ , ISI etc ect ……………..

  2. Amjad Malik said:

    En beghartun ko kuch na kehna bas apne edarun pe ungli uthana tmhare es bat se lgta ha tm ram mosad or cia k agent ho safdar siatain

  3. khalid Pathan said:

    This story is trash and the reason stated by PPP stalwarts appears to be closer to reality, that the powerful hidden hand is upset on invitation to UN delegation on missing persons issue. However, the matter is of Tabloid standard "BUDNAM HOUNGEY TU KIA NAAM NA HOOGA."

  4. Nazia said:

    Lets say we whole heartily accept that it is our Intelligent scandalous individualists behind their own planted touts khar and Zardari bur who chased their princess in Italy for her topless photo shoots .UK news papers will accept those were belong to SISMI or MI. or who were chasing Diana all the time with her extramarital friends until she was killed while escaping from their all time watch on her undercover activities.

      • Nazia said:

        Yes I can understand your intelligence caliber through your thorough investigation and then conclusion as described above for me.

  5. Mohammad Salman Ibraheem said:

    Coming to conclusions without any proof retards. Last year Shiekh Hasina said kay Pakistan cricket team ISI ki wajah se jeeti hai . ^^^^ Safdar do you have any proof that it was indeed an intel agency that planted the news ? Might as well have been an immoral journalist no ?

  6. Safder Lodi via Face said:

    As Simple As , ABC ; " Empty_Mind is the Devil_Workshop " . Generals have nothing to do in their whole life . So One Can Expect , All Devilment from , GHQ , ISI etc ect ……………..

  7. khan said:

    seems real storey,, because when i was 24 years age, i was too horny and attracted to women, i think Bilawal has the same problem.

  8. Jacob said:

    Total trash planted by RAW, picked by imbecile Brit journalist. See the calculus, Raw plants, gives a twist in few days and finally turns finger towards Pakistani agency. The UN working group was not international criminal court which came with indictment. What an ignorant approach and crass way using visit of few diplomats and inferring that it created rift between Khar and ISI. Its pity that British journalists stooped to level of Indian journalism.

    • Austin said:

      Devil planted a small story in Bangladesh tabloid. Then Indian paper took that story and now it travelled to UK news media. Media is like a old story. A man asked Satan how he spreads riots. The took a tiny amount of sugar paste and stick that to wall. Swarms of bees hovered around that sugar paste. Then a dog jumped on to bees and dropped Confectioner's whole showcase of sweets. The confectioner fought with owner of the dog and two persons were killed in the fight. Intelligence agencies played the same trick and purchased a poor country(Bangladesh) pressman and the story spread and spread. This is media war before next elections and started with this story.

      • Jamal Kamal said:

        @ Jacob and Austin (ISI & RAW)

        Why this jealousy? Le them have a good time.

  9. Truth Bites said:

    How can this be true, for one has lebian preferences, the other a man who supports gay rights!.

  10. Mohammad Salman Ibra said:

    Coming to conclusions without any proof retards. Last year Shiekh Hasina said kay Pakistan cricket team ISI ki wajah se jeeti hai . ^^^^ Safdar do you have any proof that it was indeed an intel agency that planted the news ? Might as well have been an immoral journalist no ?

  11. Anon said:

    Can I have a puff into the same stuff you guys are having? Need the ecstasy in my life …

  12. Jamal Kamal said:

    They look al-right together; at least chooto seems infatuated with the FM

  13. Dipak said:

    World does not need Anarkali II. The ISI as usual tries to hurt an innocent person because they got caught by UN with their pants down in Balochistan.

  14. AISHA KHAN said:

    bhuttos,zardaris,mega rich club[99] congenital weakness.bilawal youthful deeds are well known.miss khar can attract any man old and young.she is too sexy.even hoolbrook was fascinated by her,bilawal and hinas' personal matter .if they want to marry,then they should go by law of land.why zardari should interfere?why did he pick such a yoing,inexperinced foreign minister.he has done it in every sector and ruined country

  15. dil dil pakistan said:

    Who cares about this… it a it real….who knows and who cares!!!

    Lets focus on life changing issues in pakistan:

    1. corruption
    2. Justice for all
    3. health
    4. Education
    5. Taxation and equality

    those are real issues, media in pakistan needs to focus on these issues…you have a responsibility to play….

  16. Hamid Khan said:

    Bilawal is on foot steps of his Granddad ZAB. He also used ti sleep with his minister,s wives.

  17. proud american said:

    but ISI is a terrorist organisation…it is responsible for killing people …y would it do such a thing???

  18. Raffay J said:

    What about USA And Raw Mr. Proud American Are they not the king of
    Terrorist .This is game is totally Planted by Anti Pakistan agency. No one digrace own Remember.

  19. ASIM said:

    we should respect all of the respective entities including country’s premier spy agency ISI.

  20. imran said:

    it is a story just planted by tabloid to get publicity…

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