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July 13th declared un-safest date

For centuries, the number thirteen has been deemed unlucky by superstitious souls. A survey has now given credence to their fears by claiming that July 13th is the date on which people are most likely to suffer personal injury. Over the last two years, July has seen the highest volume of personal injuries, according to specialist solicitors Edwards Hoyle. The firm claims that the 13th is the most unsafe date of the month, when disaster is most likely to strike. By comparison, it said that the safest month and the one in which the public could afford to take more risks is January, with the 31st the safest day overall. David Edwards, managing partner at Edwards Hoyle, said that 11 per cent of personal injury claims were made in July and 5 per cent in January. He said: “We’ve often been asked if there’s a particular time of year, month or day in a week when personal injury most commonly occurs, so we thought it was about time we found out. “However, it would appear from our case data from the past two years that the month of July and the date of the 13th are the ones to watch when it comes to personal injury being more likely to strike.

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