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PTI announces its health vision for upcoming polls

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) on Monday announced its health vision for the upcoming general elections, pledging to raise the health budget from 0.8 percent to 2.8 percent, establish a health equity fund for the poor, and to enhance health coverage by 100 percent in five years.
PTI leaders Dr Yasmin Rashid and Dr Hamayoun Mohmand presented the health policy at a press conference. Speaking on the occasion, they said that the PTI was the first political party to introduce a proper health vision, which focused on improving the healthcare system across the country and to make it cost effective for those living below the line of poverty.
They also announced to shift the Health Ministry from provincial to district levels, and to extend the financial support and resources for improving healthcare at district level. They said the basic health units (BHUs) would be given under the supervision of local governments instead of the provincial government, besides vowing to introduce measures to bring at least 50 percent decrease in pregnancy-related deaths.
Giving statistical figures, Mohmand said that every year 3.6 million infants add to the country’s population, while infant mortality rate stands at 61.27 deaths per 1,000 live births. He said that newborn deaths account for 57 percent deaths in children under the age of five. He said that around 100 million Pakistanis were deprived of sewerage or drainage system, and as many others were facing food insecurity.
Dr Yasmin Rashid said that under PTI’s five-point health policy, her party would take emergency measures to meet the 40 percent shortage of doctors and 80 percent shortage of nursing staff.
Addressing the participants, PTI Chairman Imran Khan reiterated his commitment to implement health reforms after coming into power. He said that despite continuous increase in the prices of drugs, the cost of tranquilizers and others identical medicines to cure winter-related illnesses had gone down because of the issuance of illegal ephedrine quota. Imran said the Shaukat Khanam Hospital was spending Rs 2 billion annually on public health care facilities, providing 70 percent of treatment “free of cost”.
Speaking about the violence on “Love for Prophet (PBUH) Day”, the PTI chief said that the anti-US sentiment among the general public, and the frustration in the lower classes of the society were the main reasons for the protests turning violence. Criticizing President Asif Ali Zardari, Imran asked how rule of law could be imagined in a country where the “biggest criminal and robber” becomes the president of the country, adding that his party would not let the criminals claim public office.
Hitting hard on the Sharif brothers, Imran said that despite having funds worth Rs 500 million, the Punjab government had failed to construct a hospital, whereas the PTI had introduced a project for constructing Shaukat Khanam Hospital worth Rs 700 million with only Rs 10 million in hand. Khan also made a commitment that after introduction of health, economic and energy policies of his party, policies in other sectors would soon be announced.

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    • Usama said:

      Ok…If this is Topi Drama (according to you) then why don’t you pick up some Courage and ask your Masters (Leadership) to at least conduct some Topi Drama Session as well and let us see what they have to offer other then Phony / Filthy Accusations, Corruption, Fake Slogans!

    • Usama said:

      Ok If this is Fake then go ask your Masters to present something more Concrete and Impressive in front of this Nation….Lets see what you guys have got other than Lame Slogans and Corruption.

  1. A Leader @TrSp said:

    The cavalier (casual) body language of PTI leaders at such an important Policy unveiling meeting is deplorable. I shall be voting for PTI but I have to say that I am realistic with my expectations of PTI and its boyish leadership.

    • Ali said:

      we anyways dont want anyone who changes his mind just because of the body language… another cheap shot by the paid commenters…

  2. zishan said:

    PTI is the only hope to make pakistan free from danger,well done IK

  3. Mujasum Shah via Fac said:

    We Dislike ,,,, Because Just Topi Drama & Photo Session :))

  4. Malik Saeed said:

    To whom it may concern

    Are you sure that name of the reporter who filed this news item is Anwer Abbasi???? i think his name is ANWER ABBAS. do correct me if i am on mistake please.

    A Reader.

  5. Michael Warner said:

    PTI is one party so far which is going step by step to announce their policies. Their leader Imran Khan has already announced the corruption eradication from the system, now the health policy has been announced, what ever it is and later the education policy and other policies will follow. It is a very thoughtful method to prepare for the elections. I just wish that 70% of the people who are eneducated in the country can clearly understand all this so PTI stands victorious in the coming elections. PTI leaders should look into ways to take the campaign to villages and towns where an average person's vote will make a difference. Good Luck.

  6. Dr.Shahid said:

    I'm a supporter of IK and PTI and I would continue supporting them.
    Since I'm also a doctor abroad, I would expect categorical as well as practical details of the priorities of PTI in health sector.The economic policy head Asad Umar is a genius mind and he has done a great job but that exact meticulous precision similar to economic policy of was not felt in health policy of PTI. I do not suspect their intentions as I know PTI is the only patriot party in Pakistan at the moment but what I feel and what I have learnt while working here in the western world as a health professional is the fact that threre is still much vacuum in the health policy which needs to be fulfilled. Please take my advice as a positive appraisal of the health policy of my favourite party in Pakistan.

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