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Govt prepares new letter draft by removing SC reservations

Government has prepared new draft of letter to Swiss authorities after removing court reservations. The draft letter will be submitted again in Supreme Court on Wednesday.
According to a private television channel, the draft of the letter has been written by a committee of legal experts headed by ex-chairman Waseem Sajjad. Attorney General Irfan Qadir and Law Minister Farooq H Naek also included among composers of the draft of the letter to be written to the Swiss authorities.
Earlier, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has directed Federal Minister for Law and Justice Farooq H Naek to remove the reservations of the Supreme Court regarding letter.
Naek also briefed the Prime Minister about Tuesday’s hearing in the court and also briefed him about consultation with lawyers.
The directives were issued when Farooq Naek called on the prime minister in PM House on Tuesday and discussed the letter issue with him. They also made consultation over the amended draft of the letter.
In the new draft, the government has removed the reservations and allegations which the Supreme Court had raised during hearing of the case on Tuesday.
The reformed draft would be put before the Supreme Court on Wednesday.
More than 30 politicians had cases against them withdrawn under the amnesty, which was passed in October 2007 by then-president Pervez Musharraf.

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  1. zardaritohell said:

    Judges are sold out. They have failed the nation who believed in them. By giving time to the govt, they have compromised their integrity. They are in a face saving mode now. Shame on them.

  2. khalid Pathan said:

    So many legal experts/legal minds are needed to write a simple letter to Swiss authorities. Let all these experts sit for O-level English Exam. How long this unfortunate nation endure this Topi Drama? Have mercy on poor who do not have the resources to seek justice from the corrupt govt and this overactive judiciary.

  3. Austin said:

    Judges are doing politics. First they gave a wrong decision and then they wanted to rectify this by asking govt to write a letter. They were overwhelmed by media propaganda against NRO overlooking the fact that NawazSharif also did the same NRO with Musharaf by signing Apology which shud also have been examined according to rules of natural justice.

  4. Austin said:

    Judges want their decision which was legally flawed to be rectified by having govt to write a letter. They were influenced by media propaganda against NRO and overlooked the same kind of deal which Sharifs had done with Musharaf by signing mafinama which stoped their corruption cases to be tried in court.

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