Waziristan ‘peace march’ will help stop drone strikes: Imran

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday said PTI’s forthcoming Waziristan march will enable the world to see the massive destruction caused by drone attacks in the Tribal Areas. He said the US-led drone attacks were killing innocent people in the Tribal Areas,adding that the march towards Waziristan would also be helpful in halting the attacks. Khan was talking to a delegation of the PTI Sialkot led by Mir Umer Farooq Meyer (member PTIs Punjab Political and Strategic Committee) that called on him at his Lahore office. The PTI chairman strongly criticised the government for not declaring the names of the Pakistani people being killed brutally by the drone attacks.

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  1. Nazia said:

    Khan shahib is like this blog PT never hit or attack on those who are real culprit of this war mess or drone attacks.He never ever blamed military establishment for such kind of national disasters and all time point on corrupt or clutched Zardari who is fully dependent on military backup for all these deadly games playing in wanna or waziristan.He will only march to there if army management will go ahead to him only in last week 15 casualties were reported from this area some were blown through land mines and some were caught by mortar fires of military units on false signalling

    • Shahid said:

      Are you criticizing that IK is not confronting with the military? You guys want him to engage with the military rather than highlighting issues at the international level. If he had focused on the military you would have said why he doesn't critise US. Source of attacks is not military and we should not expect him to fight with these beggars who have no control or authority. Who in the present govt has courage to take such steps… Nawaz, Zardari, Chaudhrys, Mr Diesel, MQM or Musharraf… who?? If you dont support him, at least don't critise on the good things he does… And btw you can see his comments against military on nato restoration, younus habib, election rigging etc… "Politics" is not everything…

  2. Nazia said:

    I am not saying like that but surly I am showing you his hypocrisy.Long time ago it was only Musharraf time when he made open attack on army officers and its policy now his guns are only towards political leadership .He cant raise his status by letting them down as he has long journey to prove his credibility the way he is loading his truck with ex cartoons of Musharraf, zardari and Shareef are clear signs that he cant bring any kind of change but will use same cards with new tricks.I always say he is best social worker but no way he has nay sense of politcs and what burger type hs claim can only attract US and so called our bureaucracy.What change you would see with Qasoori or makhdoom who are occupying right and left position in PTI.Are we unaware of their legalized corruption during Musharraf era or before??
    there is no need to go in wazirastan if he knows the pressure point then he has only to move toward GHQ

    • Noman said:

      You have answered your own question that he attacked establishment during Musharraf regime… Did you realise why?? Those who are in power are answerable… Musharraf was in power so he faced criticism… Electible government comes with people's choice… People have not elected these parties to work under the influence of military otherwise what was wrong with Musharraf… When parliament passes resolution and military says that order us and we will shoot the drones down…. what happens after that… you know it better!!! People who have joined him are followers and not leaders and that is the combination we want so that he leads them from the front and implement his agenda…legalised corruption is nothing but their (followers) stand on policies which their earlier leaderships wanted… If they work with IK they would follow his principals otherwise leave the party and you have seen couple of instances recently…. he has said a thousands of times that if he comes into power he will implement his agenda otherwise resign and go to the public again…. this is his pricipal based politics which has attracted many including the educated class…

  3. Nazia said:

    By the way on what pressure the parliament passed such resolution nor this parliament come into being under NRO has nay courage to take stand against military establishment.The total decisions making about war on terror and NATO supply is in hands of GHQ bosses but here IK is all time seeing parliament which either shows his big weakness or intentionally favoring the military regime for blaming every thing to political groups.Look one thing is obvious in Pakistan's politics that military favoring groups cant bring any change in this systems as it has already tried many times.Only those group can make change which have power to make shift military dominance in prevailing system.We have worst kind of security issues same as corruption by political groups that is why both are supporting each other but military side is more crook who are preparing IK for some future games to haunt typical NRO dealers.Ik meeting in Quetta and now this march is high indicator that who is supporting him in this no go areas of civilian.
    Many times I tried to give him benefit of doubt but his all moves in last years clearly showing his game of fooling the nation

    • Noman said:

      On whose pressure did parliament not order striking the drones down… military or the US.. Who gave decision making rights to the military on war on terror and Nato supply… it is no doubt the govt’s failure!! If a crook steals something from your house, you go to the police and come to know that police is not doing anything… who will you criticise?? Police or the crook… There is a big difference between assumptions and logical thinking… you assume that he is favouring establishment whereas if you think logically he is focusing on those who are responsible… The problem is if someone takes bold steps like gathering public in Quetta or Waziristan, you cannot digest this fact… he is going to Waziristan not with the military but with citizens of Pakistan and with international organisations… IK stance on war on terror is very clear and is completely different from the establishment’s… but you comments don’t dare to say anything on that…

      • Nazia said:

        It is NRO that made decision making right in the court of army.Establishment bring weak groups on top of parliament so that they can be nipped as per their requirement.I have already told you that this group impotency was clear on first day when Zardar had made deal on Bhutto's dead body with Musharf just to enter in Presidency.he got more than his expectation but again he is less criminal than those who protected him for thumb making impressions on war and defense deals.
        I am quite clear about political and military situation of Quetta and wazirastan so I have no doubt that IK never ever did simple meeting unless he is granted permission from GHQ.
        He is silent on bad situation of Karachi and the way he did public rally there, is very unusual because these mqm men never allowed CJP in their vote bank areas then whose order they cleared way to that man whose name was once abused on all main walls of Karachi when he tried to expose past of Altaf husssain.Naseerullha babar given him written proof against mqm leadership but all were vanished as it come into hands of IK. so it is not one but many incident where he showed his reluctance toward real problem makers of Pakistan.

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