Real life mermaids in Florida aquarium

Once merely myths that enervated little girls’ fantasies and haunted sailors dreams, these legendary aquatic creatures are being brought to life in an aquarium in Florida. “The Florida Aquarium in Tampa has three mermaids on its staff. During the day they work as divers and at night they perform for guests,” Buzzfeed notes. Dressed in sequined bustiers and iridescent fish tails, “mermaids” Erin, Lauren and Katie swim, wave and frolic as aquarium guests gawk and take photographs through the glass. Reminiscent of Hannah Fraser, the mermaid performer and model who swims with whales and other sea creatures to promote marine conservation, these three bubbly ladies are quite something to behold. Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida is thought to be the site of one of the first mermaid shows in the United States, CNN reports. The performance took place in a small theater in 1947.


  1. aijazhaider said:

    I pity "Erin, Lauren and Katie", this is disrespect of humanity, particularly the ladies. They should not be watched like fish in an aquarium. I wish I cold pay them thrice their salary to go for higher education and a respectable job or settle down as housewives and enjoy family life. Humans are the best of creation, not animals, to be watched and enjoyed by others, at the cost of self-respect and dignity. I request The Florida Aquarium in Tampa and all US citizens to help get the ladies, Erin, Lauren and Katie out of this and get them hired in a respectable ladies job. Regards.

      • aijazhaider said:

        No. I was waiting for a prescription from you. Now, please first the names of the medicines, then the mg, then the number, then number of times per day and finally where can I get them free? Do you prescribe free or charge money for it? In case you charge money for it, I would rather send the money to Erin, Lauren and Katie. Now go ahead with the prescription, ……… wait,……..let me get a paper and pen. Good, now please first the names …………………………………………………… Regards.

      • Nazia said:

        Mr psychiatrist__will you kindly explain me psyche of Pakistani men that why they are highly disturbed after seeing white skin ladies in difficult job in west or suddenly their social work awakened after seeing any young widow divorcee etc around their surrounding.I am not asking about any particular person but you see it is common nature of typical Pakistani men who look more worry, ready to give them salary and advising them to house wife but ignoring that in their own town thousands work as beggars, low paid house maids,sex slaves, etc but they all time look worry about the professionals of Tampa aquarium where these ladies along with their male colleagues work as passion.No body force them but they are fully devoted to this life since their childhood but you see how tremors are felt in the heart of Pakistani men here.Is it some kind of sickness or normal brought up of Pakistani men and can we channelize their this sympathy for poor Pakistanis ladies too.

        • aijazhaider said:

          I have repented and apologised. Mr.Psychiatrist and Mrs.Nazia, I am sorry for my un-called-for, out-of-the-way and inappropriate comments. All at PT forum and the PT admin are requested to forgive me and pray for me.

          • Nazia said:

            Allah khair hee kery abb yeh barq tajlee kis par girnay ka program bana rahee hay or trying to have long beard and planning to join hasmi sisters for lecturing poor citizens of Pakistan.

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