Musharraf calls for international legislation over blasphemy

All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Chief Pervez Musharraf, on Sunday, stressed upon the international community to come forward for legislation over blasphemous material, saying that it is an international crime to talk or make inflammatory videos/audios against any prophet.
He said this while talking to his party’s Central Information Secretary Aasia Ishaque. The former president condemned the act of making a blasphemous video and said that the West should look in to the matter if they want to show real concern for Muslims of the world. He said that the present government should tackle the issue wisely, and asked APML workers to participate in peaceful protests against the blasphemous video. “Many people have lost their lives during the protests held on the day of Love with the Prophet, APML feels grief over this huge loss,” Pervez said. He said that the government is responsible for taking effective steps for the protection of life and property of the masses, the public should also cooperate in this regard. Slating the west’s inaction against the blasphemers on the plea of freedom of expression, the APML chief said that rulers of the west should also come forward to resolve this issue. Pervez appealed to the nation to demonstrate their anger in peaceful ways and avoid destroying public and private property.


  1. r2d2 said:

    how about international marshal law to protect your immature religion?

    • A Reader @TrSp said:

      The religion is not immature, these are some of the followers.

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