PPP, PML-N: political game continues


  1. aloneinlonelyplanet said:

    Same old Jiala rhetoric!! I wonder why intellectuals like Sabir Nazar mourn recent display of intolerance, loot and plunder when their beloved Bhutto culture has wiped Pakistan out of all economic and social opportunity at the hands of corruption, nepotisim and bad governance starting from their "daddy" Bhutto leaving clubs in hands of the young generation instead of books!! Phir bhi Bhutto zinda hey!! Kub tak Bhutto zinda hey!! 🙁 !!

  2. Moazzam Salim said:

    If this cartoon is about the dual nationals' disqualification then the Cartoonist has incorrect information. As per records 5 MPs of PML (N) have been disqualified as compared to 4 of PPP.

  3. chaudhry boota said:

    the judgement is only about targeting rehman malik…and therefore PPP.

    • Tariq Abbasi said:

      Whatsoever the background is; someone caught red handed and punished accordingly. Maximum which you can say is; that their are some other criminals too still at large and nobody is after them but it doesn't implies that the proven offender is innocent. We must modify our mentality of becoming advocate of ruthless feudals and elites for no reason.

  4. Chaudhry Boota said:

    this mentality must also reject government paid judges, who are part of establishment and are slow like snail when it comes to cases against Army,,,,Asghar Khan case, 3 generals in NLC, FC in balochistan.

  5. aloneinlonelyplanet said:

    @ chaudhary boota, Mr. Jiala! why dunno u leave Pakistan as one of your ex-Jiala Premier GIllani said in an interview with CNN? This country has already seen too much of Qabza group Jialas like urself!! Let me say it openly! The whole PPP is a group of Qabza group vagabonds starting from Zardari all the way to bottom!!

  6. Chaudhry Boota said:

    this is my country…and i have every right to call spade a spade…why don't you leave pakistan and live with your bhabhi Gemima goldsmith in England among true liberals….or if you go to Waziristan,don't come back and take mooda qabza group (son in law main tufail) of PTI

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