OGRA proposes Rs 1.75 a liter hike in petrol price

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Saturday sent a summary to the Petroleum Ministry proposing an increase in petrol price by Rs 1.75 per liter.
OGRA also recommended a cut in diesel price by 20 paisas per liter, kerosene oil by Rs 1.5, HOBC by Rs 4.40 and light diesel by Rs 1.5 per liter.
The government will decide on POL prices tomorrow and the new prices will be applicable from September 24.
If approved, petrol will be available at Rs 108.47 per liter, diesel at Rs 113.57, HOBC at Rs 135.56, kerosene oil at Rs 106.18 and light diesel at Rs 100.51 per liter.

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