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PM for permanent solution to counter threat of floods

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf Saturday said a permanent solution was needed to counter threat of flash floods, affecting populated areas in Balochistan.
Addressing a gathering of flood-affected people of the area, he said the government would construct the protective walls and channels to divert the raging hill torrents away from the populated areas.
He announced a package of Rs 100 million for the provision of food, tents and other relief goods to the thousands who have been displaced.
He also announced a compensation of Rs 400,000 for each of the 15 people who lost their lives in the flash floods.
The Prime Minister directed Pakistan Baitul Maal to ensure that the people are provided with quality food stuff and other relief goods so as to ease their sufferings.
He said the Federal Government would provide the medicines and also make a significant contribution once the damage assessment is completed by the local authorities.
Prime Minister Ashraf said, President Asif Ali Zardari had telephoned to him from London and directed him to visit all the flood affected areas and monitor the relief and rehabilitation of the people displaced by the recent floods.
He said the people need to stand united and work hand in hand so as to mitigate the damage caused by the natural calamity.
He said the people of the area and the nation as a whole, were strong and resilient to bravely face all challenges.
He asked the Provincial Disaster Management Authority to work at a swift pace to reach out to all the people and help in their early rehabilitation.
The Prime Minister was earlier given a detailed briefing about the impact of the flash floods and the widespread devastation caused in these areas.
He was also informed about the measures that need to be taken to avert a repeat of similar incidents in future.

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  1. Nazia said:

    Yeh he has many permanant solutions for this problem as he had solved the crisis of load shedding on permanent basis that it would be imposed to Pakistanis for their next generation and era.

  2. No Hope said:

    I wanna know why all of a sudden Zardari and Raja want to permanently fix all the issues in Baluchistan and in Pakistan.Where were they all these 4 and a half years.Why would you make it a holiday and allow the people to get on the street and destroy everything in the name of a protest,why would you do that????? People are dying daily in Karachi for as long as I can remember and you PPP have'nt done squat,load shedding,have'nt done squat,no gas pressure,have'nt done squat.People are still starving,what do you mean you want to do something permanent,all you need is a better drainage system you morons,you need a permanent solution to poverty,unemployment,getting rid of corruption.

  3. Dipak said:

    I sincerely hope these elite fuedals mean what they are saying. So far the Millitary, religion twisting, venom spewing mullah and the fuedals are enjoying the rich life by keeping the rest of the people and country in stone age. With great natural resources the hydroelectric, wind and sun power can make Pakistan a great, rich, prosperous, prestigious and purposeful country. Hope for the best results.

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